Got a new server. Any :hecker:​s out there have a name suggestion?

@ryen do you have a theme for your other servers?

@banjofox No. This is the first server of maybe many to come that's in an actual datacenter, so I should probably start one beyond node-1, node-2, or something else reasonable but lame.


Here's ideas based on what I've done

Moonbase - Remote server
AetherNet - Wireless Providers
Janus - Dual boot things
Hive/Horde/Legion: VM hosts


Janus being a "two-faced" thing.
Cerberus would be one with three.. etc.

Now I need to come up with a less shitty name for my VPS LOL

@banjofox Ohhh those VM hosts suggestion. On point. Especially since this is a VM host.


I like things that are clever, and descriptive

I worked for a Biotech that had a Star Wars theme (C3PO, R2, Deathstar etc.)

clever... but not descriptive

@feonixrift chaotic in the past, if anything made it beyond 'debian' or 'localhost', but trying to come up with one now since I'm moving servers from bedroom closet hardware and to actual DCs, so I can still keep doing what I'm doing while moving around.

This first one is the actual VM host, so it will set the precedent for the ones to follow.

@ryen @feonixrift I have historically named mine after things from the Farscape universe. But that's more momentum than continued fandom these days.

@ryen ooh, open field... you could use anything! everyday words in a dead language perhaps? hittite comes to mind.

@ryen (my own stuff is norse themed, sometimes myth references, sometimes ordinary words... it used to be botanical names in latin. before that it was programmatically generated pronounceable nonsense.)

@ryen note: this is how i ended up with a laptop named hlidskjalflingr, so maybe don't make my mistake - pick something you can pronounce, or at least spell

@feonixrift @ryen I started naming USB disks with random names pulled from ... somewhere. I can't recall if it was a random name generator or census data or what.

@ryen For my mobile devices I use various mythical creatures. Dragon. Wyvern.
Hydra would probably be a great match for a VM hypervisor.

@fractumseraph I went with the Japanese hydra version. Orochi.

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