:joey: ATTN ALL JOEYS :joey:

You think you know crypto? You think you can hang with the Big Integers?

#TheJoeys and #DC502 are issuing a challenge for

Which ever one of you filthy console jockeys has the highest CryptoHack score on April 15th at 7PM EDT/11PM UTC will be declared the winner of the Hackers.Town Cypherpunk Championship title belt.

Champion will be announced at the @DC502 virtual meeting on April 15th @ 7PM EDT/11PM UTC.


Submit your CryptoHack username below to sign-up.

@ryen @DC502 dunno if I will get much time to poke at it, but I'm merimus

@ryen @DC502 signed up as y0x3y

is there a group or something we can join so we can see each others scores?

@y0x3y @DC502 no group, but I’ll occasionally post scores.

@ryen @DC502 Just for the record, I hate you. You are making my remember math from a very long time ago.

@ryen @DC502

getting to work on my noob python skillz

@ryen I'm a bit late to the party, but my username on cryptohack: epoch

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