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why use a mouse jiggler when you can use a subwoofer

That one time when Dave Grohl had saved a plane full of Dave Grohls because Tenacious D dosed all the Dave Grohls except Dave Grohl.

Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly

NSFW, cartoon dongs and farts 

Debating if I should include this in my presentation slides because I strongly believe this captures how a good security team should operate.


Apologies I should have CW’d that last one. Just super hyped on the weather being cold enough to eat nabe again.

When I joined the fediverse I had promised myself to rekt one Faked0g - after all, if each of us rekt one they would soon be extinct.

“Just in time for Cyber Awareness month.”

Navy Warship’s Facebook Page Hacked to Stream ‘Age of Empires’ Gaming

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