Anthem is like playing with space barbies and I love it.


​ .=========.
​ // o o \\
​ // | o o | \\
​ // '---| |--' \\
​// o------+--+------o \\
​\\ o-----+--+----o //
​ \\ .--| |--. //
​ \\ | o o | //
​ \\__*______*_//
​ '------------------'

non monospace fonts are the devil's work i tell ya hwat

I’m pretty sure Anthem just retold The Battle of the Alamo, but with flying exosuits in-place of coonskin hats. If this is the kind of horse shit we can expect from the rest of it, then count me in.

So my mango of 2019 has been “be the freak show you want to see” and it’s time to kick it up a notch. In a park nearby my house, there’s a hill that overlooks the docks with this circle of excellent sitting rocks. Every time I pass it I think of how it looks like a great place to gather around and tell ghost stories. I’m gonna reserve some time there through the community center and if it’s only me and my kids that show up, then cool.

Any one have any good ghost stories to share?

One of the kiddos at my son’s karate school also does ballet and tends to blend the moves together. It looks really fricken cool.


well, we got there.

We have a slack influenced design, emoji key verification like telegram, self hosted and out of beta.


#matrix #riot

Six year old me would be so jelly of present day me if he knew of the powers I wield.

For the amount of time I’ve spent try to get subnetting down pat, I really hope I get to use it somewhere beyond the CCNA exam.

A fun watch if you like aquariums and betta fish. Dude uses no filter and instead has a bunch of plants to help keep the little dude healthy.

I have an urge to play hangman after looking at @remotenemesis’ new display name.


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We'll be on the air tonight at 19:00 EST. Listen live on 99.5 FM in New York or at

So for keto I just replace food with butter?


OK friends, I have posted the first writing competition for in the "Escaping the Sprawl" message section.

DM me if you don't have an account and would like to participate.

Reply on Bolthole with your questions.

I can't wait to see your submissions! :flan_hacker:


TO all you hackers, freedom fighters, and students of the world - Netflix's Patriot Act covered censorship in china in this seasons first episode!

metoo in china is taking off in such a big, significant, and impactful way

Way to go chinese metoo supporters! Equality for all!

Anyone here have a Pixel 3? If so, how you liking it?

Just found out I have enough credit with my phone provider to get a "free" phone (just goes to show how much they rip me off each month) and I'm looking between the Pixel 3, Galaxy S9, Note 9, and whatever Apple is slanging. Bitching and praises on any of these are most welcomed.

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