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every time I look something up about Huginn, I find an answer from @drwho

One of those weeks where work didn’t feel like work but just doing cool shit. Still nap time though.

this laptop’s battery life is my pomodoro timer

in other news, here's former japanese prime minister shinzo abe playing "young wild and free" on the piano

@thegibson ^^^ I misspoke earlier about them getting better at alerting. But at least we did get alerts.

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So the reason why all of Kanagawa is tired today is because tsunami alerting was misconfigured last night. [JA Text]

Was too busy trying to be cool when I could have been cool and building mechs.

Finished my first scale model build, now I don’t know what to do with myself, especially since the model shop doesn’t open for another 7 hours.

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