Listening to old phone recordings on the latest episode of @HackerRadioShow. The ones of phreakers getting busted on pay phones by operators are :chick_chefkiss:​.

Advent of Cyber: Day 3 is done. Time for sleep.

drug mention 

Japan: “We will arrest you for popping positive on a drug test.”
Also Japan: “We will sell you over the counter speedballs.”

lets make the background dark gray and then the text slightly a lighter gray



tfw your partner's performance review is the same as Offsec's motto. :blobbroken:

"Try harder!"

Shower heads spray where you point them, not where you’re looking. This is something I’ve known for decades, but somehow forgot 5 minutes ago.

Hamburgers and root beer floats for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner.

Little man is making me step up my local security.

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Son asked for the password to my school laptop and I told him it’s my face. Without skipping a beat he said, “So when you’re asleep I can unlock it by holding it up to your face?”

Yes. Yes you can you little... wonderful person. We even tried it to prove it works.

Oh boy, where do I sign up?

"Parler was founded in 2018 by two computer programmers named John Matze and Jared Thomson, and is financially backed by Rebekah Mercer, whose father is Robert Mercer. Robert Mercer is the co-founder of Cambridge Analytica and a hedge fund manager. He's also a major funder of Breitbart. According to the Wall Street Journal, sources said Parler was 'a Mercer family investment.'"

Just a reminder that we're all susceptible to falling for disinformation and there's no reason to be ashamed when it happens. Learn from it. You're just one concerned individual against large groups whose actual job is to trick you.


A Sunday on a Tuesday kind of day.

now I just need to document everything before I forget.

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I think it may be time to hack a planet or two.

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