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New Year’s resolution: Stop telling myself I can’t do it and just do it.

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This week is my one year mark on the town, so I guess I should do a proper .

I'm former deckhand that grew tired of rusty anchors and sea spray and decided to pivot into . Currently living and attending university in Japan, studying , , , and . Most of my time is spent juggling school, raising two kids, and using my free time to expand my knowledge of , , , and other shiny things that catch my attention.

I also enjoy getting stomped in and I rep all day, everyday.

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Hackers.Town: Joeys Helping Joeys

Today’s office. Weather is starting to shape up where I need to start carrying a picnic blanket everywhere.

The Sprawl, it hungers. I swear every time I look at this skyline, it’s gotten closer.

me: I won't work before lunch
also me: why won't anyone hire me?

I’ve accepted my fate that I will never get any work done before lunch.

Time for sleep. Sleep is good. G'night, Federales. Stay safe.

this MLK day, consider actually giving Letter from a Birmingham Jail a read. It's not long, and MLK criminally gets mostly digested through trite soundbites and quotrs. His thoughts deserve to be read and understood in full.

A happy ending to the Better Blocker saga

TL; DR: Apple have been in touch and offered us a way to migrate to our new not-for-profit without impacting the experience of existing Better Blocker (@better) customers.

It was snowing yesterday and today we have the windows open. whaddafug.

Watching @estoricru stumble into people's home server rooms has been the highlight of my day.

Next time we need to send him armed with stickers.

Decided now that I'm going to be sticking with one distro on my eMMC module for the foreseeable future, I can also finally choose what to name my #pinebookPro

it has been dubbed freeweight

for that is what one should use for their ARM workouts

Anyone that says open source doesn’t pay is wrong. Picture for proof.

Been cleaning out our old apartment and came across a bunch of old floppies from my wife’s youth. One in particular stands out.

Broke the pwnRanger as I did something while saying “this will probably break it.”

Thankfully I backed up his brain right before this.

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