If you are used to doing things with command line tools in Linux, and have a rooted Android phone, you could compile them static linked on a Raspberry Pi, and use them on your phone.

To try this out the easy way, fetch the static busybox package from Raspbian, and copy the busybox binary into the /cache folder on your phone. Give it a chmod a+x and run it. Almost all commands worked on my phone.

If it doesn't run (permission denied), you will need to look in /proc/mount for some place not mounted noexec, or remount something.
If it runs (like on my phone), you can then compile other fun stuff on your Raspberry. You must compile/link static, as all the lib stuff is very different with Android.

Hi, I am Rudolf, an oldtimer used to using a soldering Iron, burning an eprom, and disassembling binaries. Nowadays, it is rather modding a kernel or the rom of my Android phone.


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