PSA: is the raddest way to get your weather report.

@rook I cooked up a little function using
function wttr { curl${1:-Lille}?T; } # Replace Lille with your home city
You can call "wttr" to get a quick report, or "wttr Berlin" to get the weather in Berlin, for example

@rook As long as you block JS and the social widgets

@sungo it's terminal friendly if you use wget/curl

but yeah, I wouldn't advise using the web without blocking JS and social widgets by default

@rook Oh, I'm familar with wttr. I use wego all the time which is the same code that powers the site. It's just that for silly reasons, wttr also includes javascript and twitter and github stuff into what should be a simple static page.

@sungo ah yeah, once upon a time I think it only had a single link at the bottom

It would be cool if I could query for the location. Right now I just get the weather where my vpn is.

@rook If you like text mode weather, connect a telnet client to . Amazingly it's been running since the early 90s and even survived Weather Underground getting acquired by the Weather Channel.

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