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Good intentions serve no one at all.

So sin, and revel in it.

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Me: sits through 7 hours of math-dense of physics lectures
YouTube: so you like popsci garbage

big pharma makes it really hard to take an absolutist stance against capital punishment

(the only out to that is these monsters aren't going to be executed anyway so what's the point)


me, in public: <metric chauvinist>
me, in private: <uses cubits>

if I could have one wish it would be to remove Turing completeness from JS

my second wish would be to remove the lion's share of DOM event handlers

my third wish would be to kill REST

this thing needs every last drop of juice it's getting

I need a better powered hub

I'll never get tired of "whoops we're tripping balls for some reason" episodes

System requirements:
32-bit: RAM 1 GB or faster
64-bit: RAM 2 GB or faster

product came with printed manuals in 3 languages

not quickstart leaflets (connect power, see our website), full manuals... wrapped up into a brick

what year is this?

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me: is this thing really gonna run off USB 2.0?
AC adapter: 5v 1A
me: ok then

heh nobody but telcos seem to want 5g

- consumers dgaf
- scientists would like their instruments back pls

Red Means Recording:

Soft Music to Do Nothing To (Full Album Performance)

my canpo guy tells me there's a drone concert tomorrow at the church across the street

here's the thing about my phone number:

you only get it if I'd regret not getting your call

Good: Elektron finally released the new Digitone patches
Bad: they want way too much information before letting you download

my clever plan: failed

killing time is hard (it usually gets you first)

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