Y'all, I'm begging you. If you read this, I want you to look up the voice cast of Fallout 1. Every time I remember who is in it I am absolutely stunned at the fact that this low-budget mid 90s CD rom game managed to get the level of talent that they did.

Did somebody just have hella good connects and called in every favor or what?

@rgegriff it fucks me up that three separate Star Trek actors have done voice work for the franchise

@rgegriff oh, four, apparently Wil Wheaton did the FNV RoboBrains

@cinebox oh, shit... Old World Blues.

That cast was great too!

@rgegriff Not a gamer - never even heard of the game actually, but looked it up just for fun expecting not to recognize a single name.
But I knew few:

@gemlog it's so wild to me. They have /famous/ famous people, and the people that aren't big names are top-rate voice actors. In an Era where videogames just didn't really do that; and especially small, low-budget projects like this one it really stands out.

I think I read somewhere the budget was like 2.5 million; which isn't nothing, but in terms of a budget to produce a game or movie it's peanuts; if you factor in all the money spent on software development, art production, marketing, management overhead; and I'm left scratching my head as to how the heck they afforded this level of talent for VO work.

The game is very good, too. Pretty sharp writing and very inventive world building. Things are built in a way that really gives you the impression that the world is reacting to your actions. One of those rare projects where it seems like everyone involved really did a good job AND everything actually fit together at the end.

@rgegriff Game dev costs are often on par with full blown movies! Crazy.
All what you said and... On Budget too it seems :-)

@rgegriff Maybe the idea was so good that people said “this is awesome! I’m in!”?

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