it's utterly wild and fucked up how big business is set up to operate.

seeing a story like "Twitter's board is preparing to defend against Musk offer."



if my neighbor offered me $1500 for the sewing machine I just bought (much more than I paid/enough to buy the newest model in that line) but I didn't want to sell them the sewing machine... I wouldn't sell them the sewing machine.

@platypus The joys of being beholden to the shareholders. (Yes, if they were a private company, they could just tell Uncle Elon to get bent.)

@nivex but like -- based historically on how he's run a company, if interest to shareholders were seen as anything other than "big money now" -- not selling to him would be extremely responsible to shareholders!

@nivex I mean it DOES mean "big money now" because the only understanding anyone has of business in the past 40 years is "big money now" like a fucking financialized toddler but...


@platypus @nivex shareholders are a bunch of todlers stamping their feet screaming "BIG MONEY NOW" and this will go on to inform how I think of the economy from now on.

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