Woot! It came back. Guessing it just needed a little more time for the battery to get across some threshold (maybe the change circuit draws too much current for the thing to turn on even when plugged-in below a certain voltage?).

Anyway, now it works on both AC and battery. That said, the replacement I had is a tad plumper than the old one (1000mah vs 650) so I’m going to have to decide if I want to buy something smaller or perhaps mod the case a smidge…

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We’ll see how this goes. Now it won’t turn on, but we’ll give it another shot once the voltage gets up to operating temp…

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Had a memorial for a friend who passed last week and when the family was cleaning out his place they grabbed a couple of his books to give to me.

I have to say that this is probably the most powerful ways to remember someone you lost, to receive their copies books you both loved.

So I bought a Palm Pilot (have I told you this already?).

I’m still going to revive the Newton, but that’s going to take some time and I need something reliable to store my essential bits now.

It is a Palm Zire (M150). You can get them NIB for about $20 on eBay, they are tiny, light, tough and run for weeks on the internal lipo. I imagine with a small solar panel it would run indefinitely.

Also it has usb, which makes it much easier to sync and it looks like Linux has enough support for it to meet my needs.

The purpose is to have an authoritative source for this essential data that I have control over and can protect. The motivation comes from recent events involving my phone.


Expect lots of wacky integration code from me in the next few weeks.

No luck finding a palm pilot in the archives however I did find this.

Sadly it doesn’t seem to work, replaced all the batteries and it just has a black screen when it turns on.

Could just be the contrast is cranked, or something more serious. Having a tough time finding any tshooting guides…

I love weird little cars. Saw this beauty at a surprise car show near the farmers market.

As the clouds rolled in and my room grew darker, I thought for a moment “maybe I need to add backlighting to my keyboard?”

…oh wait

What is this thing strapped to this telephone pole?

They added them maybe a month ago, there’s about one per block.

Today’s project.

Inspired by this paper any my teacher friend who is being forced to go back to in-person teaching.


Started pulling the old drill apart, overall things look good (no broken parts I can’t replace) but the ancient grease in the gearbox smelled like death…

I want to make a zine that is essentially a combination of these two books, but I lack the art skills.

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