I’ve heard the term “web 3” thrown-around a lot the last week or so, so I decided to look it up.

I hate it.

@requiem as far as i can tell, web 2.0 was considered "monetizing the web", and "web3" is "webifying the money"

@kepstin @requiem it's not web.

web is not centralized, uniform, consensus. 99.999999% of web3shit is blockchain/crypto crap.

i see paul frazee of beaker browser fame doing some "web3" stuff, building a host-your-own service atek, but i basically regard it as culture jamming. as trying to steal what everyone else means by web3 & make it not lawful-evil alignment, make it mean something worthwhile. i see so so so few points of goodness for "web3".

@requiem I'll take decentralized! I won't take public blockchains.

@jshmlr right? They didn't care about decentralized until they found a way to monetize it.

Fuck that.

@requiem money money money, must be funny, in a blockchained world.

@requiem Much like Web 2 before it, it's just buzzwords for clueless suits and meaningless to everyone else.

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