I’ve heard the term “web 3” thrown-around a lot the last week or so, so I decided to look it up.

I hate it.

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@requiem as far as i can tell, web 2.0 was considered "monetizing the web", and "web3" is "webifying the money"

@requiem @kepstin I like this, and I'd offer up a slightly different framing:

Web 2.0 was "webifying social relationships", and web3 is "webifying financial and material relationships."

@socketwench @requiem @kepstin Virtualization and ephemeralization of the material world is gonna suuuuuuck. Just like digital mediation of social relationships has led to the rise of mass data survieillance, disinformation, conspiracy theories, influence operations, and rising authoritarianism. 🙃

@socketwench @vortex_egg @requiem @kepstin Web4 is just going to be "make the web into a physical stick which your computer uses to literally club you over the head."

@kepstin @requiem it's not web.

web is not centralized, uniform, consensus. 99.999999% of web3shit is blockchain/crypto crap.

i see paul frazee of beaker browser fame doing some "web3" stuff, building a host-your-own service atek, but i basically regard it as culture jamming. as trying to steal what everyone else means by web3 & make it not lawful-evil alignment, make it mean something worthwhile. i see so so so few points of goodness for "web3".

@requiem I'll take decentralized! I won't take public blockchains.

@jshmlr right? They didn't care about decentralized until they found a way to monetize it.

Fuck that.

@requiem money money money, must be funny, in a blockchained world.

@requiem Much like Web 2 before it, it's just buzzwords for clueless suits and meaningless to everyone else.

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