This is the point where it will probably look the best for awhile. Next up: drilling holes and screwing parts in place…

@kelbot thank-you, I’m pretty happy with how it’s coming along.

There’s still a couple parts to design but they will be impacted by exactly where the electronics and wiring fit, so I haven’t nailed them down just yet.

@rmsilva @requiem That isn't what I'd have chosen to put in such a housing, but it sounds fun.

@requiem I'm guessing a screen is going in, what screen are you using?

@LovesTha I had planned on using this one, but I don’t think it’s going to ever be back in stock:

So instead I’m using this:

I’m bummed about this because I really don’t like the bulk of the HDMI cables and I’d rather use the board’s DSI for the internal screen so I could save the HDMI interface for an external option, but oh well 😁

If I ever figure out how to make an lvds bridge (or find a small one) I’ll drop the PixelQi display I have in there 😁

@requiem even right angle HDMI connectors need a lot of space :(

@calcifer thanks! It combines a number of designs I like with the necessities of cramming an 8-node cluster into a laptop 😁 @socketwench

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