Looks like I’ll have to replace the battery (won’t even begin to take a charge).

Not entirely unexpected, I imagine it slowly drained below recoverable voltage keeping the RAM alive all those years.

Hopefully one of the cells I have in stock will do the trick…

We’ll see how this goes. Now it won’t turn on, but we’ll give it another shot once the voltage gets up to operating temp…

That didn’t do the trick. Hopefully I didn’t break it already 🤣

When I have time I’ll hook it up to my laptop and see if it still connects over usb, maybe I just knocked a display cable loose.

Woot! It came back. Guessing it just needed a little more time for the battery to get across some threshold (maybe the change circuit draws too much current for the thing to turn on even when plugged-in below a certain voltage?).

Anyway, now it works on both AC and battery. That said, the replacement I had is a tad plumper than the old one (1000mah vs 650) so I’m going to have to decide if I want to buy something smaller or perhaps mod the case a smidge…

I think I’m going to leave the bigger battery in there (it will probably run for a month on a single charge with that thing).

Now I have to decide if I want to try and make room for it in a tidy way or if I just want to go at the back of it with a drill and the nibbler and slap some tape on it when I’m done 🤔🤔🤔

There was also a small metal clip that fell-out when I disassembled it and I’m not sure what it was for or even exactly where it came from. At first I thought it was just a spring holding the old battery in place, but now I’m wondering if it had something to do with retaining the stylus…

@requiem WOW. You're going to make me dig out my Palm Pilot now...wonder if it still works.

Chances are it will start up but syncing to PC will probably be out of the questions.

@mgrondin I was able to get thing working on PopOS use this old code (replicated to my server just in case).


Just beginning to get things going and keeping some notes here: code.jasongullickson.com/jjg/p

@requiem Nice! Thanks for sharing that. First this will be finding a serial to usb converter...

@mgrondin Let us know how it goes!

One of the big reasons I went with the Zire (aside from nostalgia) is that it's USB so I wouldn't have to tackle that. OTOH at some point I'm going to try and connect it to my and I'll be wishing I had a serial port...

@requiem I just hope i can find it...i'm sure it's in this house
@requiem Oh man I love the old palm pilots. I have the m125 and one of the visor handhelds.

@pwarren yes that looks like the one! Thanks for the reference.

@requiem found my old zire m150, doesn't seem to charge via USB, do I need to find the old plugpack? Been a long time since I used it.

@pwarren afaik the M150 doesn’t charge over USB so you’ll need the cord. It’s 5vdc @300mAh, center positive but I’m not sure about the plug dimensions.

@requiem well, batterie's gone from 3.68 to 3.72v over the last hour on USB, will see how it goes!

@pwarren cool, let me know what happens, it would be awesome to not need the brick!

@requiem Like yours, it decided to turn on at some point after 3.75v after I decided to put it back together again.

Next to figure out syncing, from memory, that was always a bit of a crapshoot on linux!

@pwarren I found a nice set of cli tools, they are no longer packaged and the old packages didn’t work, so I had to build them from source and there was a little fiddling, but I got it to work.

I forked the repo just in case it disappears and put some rough notes in as well:



I’ll be writing some wrappers around these to automate the process once I settle on exactly how I want it all to work 🤣

@requiem Awesome, thanks! I have finally got around to looking at this, and had some minor kerfuffling for debian11 building. Patch at pwarren.id.au/misc/pilot-link-

Have also futzed about getting my vcards into CSV with github.com/nbeaver/vcard2csv.g

Was there a better way of dealing with vCards and palm?

@pwarren nice!

I haven’t gotten that far. Any vCard data I have is such a mess I’ll be re-entering everything manually anyway.

Fortunately most of my data got lost by my phone so it won’t take too long 🤣

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