Been studying “collapsology” and it’s eye-opening and in a way helpful, but also hard not to slide into hopelessness.

What I’m taking-away is that there’s value beyond carbon footprints in making our tech radically lower-powered, which is something I’m always looking for an excuse to work on.

@requiem I thought Joseph Tainter's The Collapse of Complex Societies was really interesting, though I've also heard that a lot of the archeological conclusions of most collapse studies, including Tainter, Diamond, and Toynbee, have been called into question as being ahistorical. The details are out of my area of expertise.

@vortex_egg yes, I’m just starting to get into all that. I got down this hole playing with CollapseOS and then followed the philosophy behind it into Deep Adaptation, etc.

Im finding the idea of accepting the worst and making something better out of it to be more satisfying than simply hoping for the best 😁

@requiem John Michael Greer has some good books on the subject and it's his non-magickal area of expertise. Worth checking into if you haven't already.

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