Looking for suggestions for a web-based RSS reader in the spirit of Pinboard (simple, fast and run by an indie).

@requiem I'm not sure about your idea of simple here, but I used NewsBlur for a little while after Google's reader shutdown.

@requiem Second @cstanhope . Newsblur is indie and FLOSS with a free tier (I pay since my feed list is large, and it's not too much for me).

RSS reader on the web? I use innoreader. (Used to use oldreader but the free tier was too limited. And yet somehow I now pay a little for innoreader - they changed their model and limited to 150 subscriptions. By the time they did that, I felt some loyalty and it was easier to pay.)

@Greg @requiem @cstanhope

@EdS please don't include others in your reply when you fork the thread, thanks!

@requiem you might find to be a reasonable choice here. Run by a relatively small team of folks who were unhappy with the demise of Google Reader.

@requiem I've always been using Newsblur. I don't think it's a lot like pinboard though? It is run by a very small company though, and is open source, even though the infrastructure is so complex that it's hard to run on your own.
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