I think a lot about why computers have become so complicated and what do we really need them to do anyway? Like, compare what you did with an 8-bit personal computer to now.

I think the biggest change has been the primary using becoming communication.

We like to say our phones are really computers, but I think it’s actually that all of our computers have become telephones.

@requiem I agree that the primary function has shifted to communication, which enticed many, many more people to get them, but also a lot of the primary function of these computing devices are hidden from the people who own the device (i.e. surveillance, advertising, and manipulation).

I don't know if it's exactly intentional, but complexity facilitates lock-in as well.

@cstanhope very good point! That would be another big shift: the personal computer used to be for the person, now it is at least equally (perhaps more) for the corporation, the state, etc.

@requiem @cstanhope Also, communication forces minimal requirements along as a cohort. You need to handle all the character sets, file formats and general crap of all the six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Just handling all of Unicode more or less properly requires a fairly advanced system.

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