Thinking about foss mobile made me dig-out my old Firefox phone.

I know Mozilla killed the project, but I wonder if it could be revived for the ?

@requiem It wasn't too bad, it just didn't have any apps beyond those preinstalled.

@requiem just like all the other failed mobile OSes out there. Microsoft at least figured that Windows Phone had to be able to run Android apps if it wanted to stay relevant... This is why now we have the Windows Subsystem for Linux thing.

@codewiz @requiem KaiOS would disagree with you. It's a FirefoxOS fork that's gaining in popularity in developing markets and can be found in many feature phones these days. 🤔

@codewiz I guess it depends on your audience. That’s the beauty of an open phone, you can run an o/s designed to please everyone, or just yourself, and everything in-between.

@requiem You might be interested in KaiOS, the commercial fork of FirefoxOS that's popping up in all sorts of "feature phones" these days. But without touch interface. 🤔

@requiem my Alcatel One Touch Fire costed $100 and pretty much performed like a phone that costs $100. Still I'm sad it didnt work out - even on this sluggish hardware the OS showed a lot of promise.

I also adore the looks of the phone and it actually fits my hand comfortably! I miss small phones.

@requiem mozilla killed mozembed and XULRunner so… huge RIP to reviving FirefoxOS.

Maybe look into LuneOS?

@lanodan @requiem Hi. Ex-FxOS Platform engineer here to second this tweet.

@lanodan is lune the one kinda based on Palm’s WebOS?

@lanodan I think it went from Palm to HP, then open source, then...?

@requiem Sounds like there would be a lot of catching-up work to do to get B2G OS going again:…

@clacke yeah. I wonder if it would be easier to start over, using modern Firefox which has api’s for a lot of the hardware already.

Now that I think about it, this isn’t a completely different from my Nextbook idea, using a local REST api as a bridge to the hardware... 🤔

@requiem this was the last drop that made me decide to never trust the Mozilla Corporation again with anything. The phone wasn't even open — it was vendor-locked and you can't update it yourself.

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