@requiem are you wearing a helmet on your ebike? If yes, which one did you get? Not judging if you aren't i'm just looking for a good looking helmet that I will actually want to wear. I have typically not worn a helmet on my bicycle but consistently higher speeds of an ebike and setting a good example now that I have children means I will be wearing a helmet.


@kelbot I do. I don’t want to, but as a former motorcyclist I’m familiar with the importance of them (especially since most serious motorcycle accidents happen at low speed).

I bought this one because it does the job and was cheap enough that I won’t feel bad getting rid of it when I find one I really like 🤣


@kelbot @requiem

How does the back of it feel if you put your head all the way back?

@kemonine @kelbot I’m not sure what you mean by all the way back?

Comfort wise it seems pretty comfortable, but I’m coming from full-face motorcycle helmets so I’m used to something pretty constructive :)

@requiem @kemonine I have a sweet 3/4 sparkly orange helmet with a bubble face shield from riding motorcycles in the past that I love but it feels a little overkill for a 20mph ebike.

@kelbot @requiem 20mph is still fast enough to just ya in a crash....

worst case scenario the helmet and you survive at 20mph

@kemonine @requiem True. But a motorcycle helmet has significantly less air flow because you don't pedal and are traveling much faster and have more air movement. It would get rather hot on a bike.

@kelbot @requiem @kemonine Maybe a downhill MTB helmet then? It should have a chin bar and a little more protection for the back of the head, but more ventilation than a motorcycle helmet.

@dokuja @kelbot @kemonine

I think that helmet would look super cool :)

I'll probably replace the one I have with a motorcycle helmet honestly, I prefer them and there's a lot more designs to choose from. They are more expensive, but so is brain surgery 😂​

@requiem I can't figure out the source of this thread but helmets are super important. without the right helmet, I would've died five years ago!

Comfort means very little at the end of the day.

@emsenn I think everyone on that thread is in agreement about helmets.

I disagree about comfort though, getting a good fit is not only safer, but also means you're more likely to wear it.

@requiem I mean sure get a good fit but I see people go for like longboard helmets to ride bikes on the street because it's "comfortable"

@emsenn I gotcha, like motorcyclists who wear half-helmets, etc.

@requiem yea exactly. Within the correct type of helmet, comfort DEFINITELY matters, for the reasons you've said and also discomfort is /distracting/ and that's like always bad when you're doing something fast

@requiem @emsenn
I started the thread. I agree that in an ideal world we would all wear the most protective helmets. I am of the opinion that a helmet you wear consistently is much better than not wearing one. So if it takes an awesome looking helmet that is not as good as better ones but someone will actually wear it vs not at all? That's still a good thing.

@emsenn honestly I'm dubious about the protection offered by most bicycle helmets. Coming from motorcycles and understanding how those helmets work, I don't see how most of the bike helmets I've seen are going to protect you from much other than the most basic concussion.

@requiem I think if there weren't cars and vans and buses around, bicycle helmets would be more than adequate for MOST bike crashes, but given that there's often things traveling faster than you the opposite direction that are much heavir, well, i mean, relativity y'know. hitting a car while you're going effectively 110 miles an hour is a lot different than hitting a tree going 40

@emsenn same is true for motorcycles. That's actually a point I try to make when discussing ebikes, because even though they're not as fast as motorcycles, most injury-producing motorcycle accidents happen at low speeds, and involve other vehicles for the reasons you outline.

@requiem yea my disabling accident was me on a gas scooter going ~45 and a minivan going the other way at ~55 (ten over the speed limit).

My helmet did its job pretty well - I broke some of my neck, but my brain and skull were totally fine.

I'd love another equivalent vehicle tbh (I got that one because it was cheap, i'd have preferred an electric bike even if it couldn't have gone quite as fast)

@emsenn ebikes have come a long way in the last few years. Off-the-shelf bikes have gained a lot of range and performance and the prices have been coming down pretty regularly. @kelbot got a nice bike that was pretty reasonably priced.

They are almost universally limited to 20MPH for legal reasons, but most have the capability to go faster if you don't mind pushing your luck :)

@requiem frankly until they're common on the second-hand market, they'll be out of my budget

@emsenn There's an exciting opportunity there, honestly. I can definitely see people selling/upgrading these bikes when the factory batteries are exhausted, and replacing them using new or recycled cells could be an inexpensive way to make the bikes better than new.

There's also a lot of DIY options now for the mechanically inclined that are way cheaper than off-the-shelf.

@requiem Oh yea like I'm expecting to only need to wait 2 MAYBE 3 years - which coincides with when I move to a bigger city than where I am, so I should be able to find more stuff for sale, so that's when I plan on buying one.

I'm kinda watching ebikes as a market that seems to be growing because it's not being crushed because extant industries are too flustered and cash-strapped.

@requiem @emsenn The one I got was just released last month so it will be a little bit before many used ones start popping up. Once the ebike industry market matures a little bit and advancements slow down used bikes will be a great option. They may be a good option even now if you have some luck and don't mind doing some repairs and troubleshooting. DIY ebikes are still a tempting option if you have the time and enjoy building things.

@requiem @dokuja @kelbot

jaw surgery and oral issues (teeth in particular) are also painfully expensive.

protect the head and face

masticate under your own power another day
@requiem @kelbot just wondering if it bites into the back of your neck at all if you put your head back...

a very strange question, I know. I saw the PIC and started thinking about an old injury of mine and how a modern helmet would be setup if you put your head all the wah back

@kemonine Ah that makes sense!

I don't really notice the strap in back. Really the only place where there's pressure is on the front of my head/top of forehead.


@kelbot it does an OK job of keeping the wind out of my eyes. It flips-up, so if I’m just doing a short ride I usually leave it up and just wear sunglasses, but if I’m going for a long ride, or it’s windy/rainy the shield is nice.

@requiem @kelbot
I support the use of helmets wholeheartedly! After being hit by 3 cars at low speed on a motor scooter (3 separate times with memory loss and concussion) and flying over my handlebars on my mountain bikes a few times, a helmet is a must.

Plus spawning child processes makes me more aware of the importance of my continued existence. Killing the parent process is not an option.
⛑️ 👍

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