@requiem are you wearing a helmet on your ebike? If yes, which one did you get? Not judging if you aren't i'm just looking for a good looking helmet that I will actually want to wear. I have typically not worn a helmet on my bicycle but consistently higher speeds of an ebike and setting a good example now that I have children means I will be wearing a helmet.


@kelbot I do. I don’t want to, but as a former motorcyclist I’m familiar with the importance of them (especially since most serious motorcycle accidents happen at low speed).

I bought this one because it does the job and was cheap enough that I won’t feel bad getting rid of it when I find one I really like 🤣


@kelbot @requiem

How does the back of it feel if you put your head all the way back?

@kemonine @kelbot I’m not sure what you mean by all the way back?

Comfort wise it seems pretty comfortable, but I’m coming from full-face motorcycle helmets so I’m used to something pretty constructive :)

@requiem @kemonine I have a sweet 3/4 sparkly orange helmet with a bubble face shield from riding motorcycles in the past that I love but it feels a little overkill for a 20mph ebike.

@kelbot @requiem 20mph is still fast enough to just ya in a crash....

worst case scenario the helmet and you survive at 20mph

@kemonine @requiem True. But a motorcycle helmet has significantly less air flow because you don't pedal and are traveling much faster and have more air movement. It would get rather hot on a bike.

@requiem @kelbot just wondering if it bites into the back of your neck at all if you put your head back...

a very strange question, I know. I saw the PIC and started thinking about an old injury of mine and how a modern helmet would be setup if you put your head all the wah back

@kemonine Ah that makes sense!

I don't really notice the strap in back. Really the only place where there's pressure is on the front of my head/top of forehead.


@kelbot it does an OK job of keeping the wind out of my eyes. It flips-up, so if I’m just doing a short ride I usually leave it up and just wear sunglasses, but if I’m going for a long ride, or it’s windy/rainy the shield is nice.

@requiem @kelbot
I support the use of helmets wholeheartedly! After being hit by 3 cars at low speed on a motor scooter (3 separate times with memory loss and concussion) and flying over my handlebars on my mountain bikes a few times, a helmet is a must.

Plus spawning child processes makes me more aware of the importance of my continued existence. Killing the parent process is not an option.
⛑️ 👍

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