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I’ve seen a surreal trend of people rejecting FOSS because there are assholes in leadership positions and turning to companies like Microsoft, Google and Apple as an alternative.

In companies like that, asshole leaders are the rule, not the exception, and with FOSS you at least have the escape hatch of forking the project. Very few forces are powerful enough to oust an asshole executive.

Corporations are only going to protect you as a side-effect or making money.

tech trends 

@requiem This.

I don't stop using Linux because Linus Torvalds is/was a complete asshole.

Likewise, I don't stop using Emacs because RMS is a total sleeze.

I do, however, have a long-standing distrust of Microsoft because of how they treated their customers throughout the years, and I seriously question their role in the Linux Foundation these days.

Oracle can just go to hell.

IBM should be kept at the "keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer" distance.


tech trends 

@vertigo Right, let’s move forward toward freedom, not fall backward into the same traps.

The coordination of this almost feels like it’s a misinformation campaign by these companies (especially Microsoft) to capitalize on a shitty situation.

To be perfectly clear, this is no defense of bullshit that is going on in the FOSS community. We need to do a lot better. But at least that’s an option, and having that choice is what makes FOSS better for all users.

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