@requiem I guess you could say they don't

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BeOS had all sorts of useful APIs. We need to go back

I don't see the problem. Just keep externalizing costs until there are no more costs. Easy.

lol I just did a search for "phones with removable batteries" and the first few hits were "phones for seniors" and I feel attacked lmao

Today I find myself thinking about a dear friend of mine who is no longer with us. I learned a lot from her, including two values I still hold dear:

Violence is a last resort, that should be undertaken with regret and a heavy heart. But once you commit to it, take no half-measures: do what is necessary to achieve the end (which should be defense of yourself or others)

Avoiding violence isn't really a choice for people who have no real ability to use it. It's only a value for people who can fight but choose not to. If you cannot fight, avoiding violence is necessity

I’m reading reviews of Neuromancer on Amazon and I’m really surprised by how most people reading it post-2000 struggle with it or simply hate it.

The majority of the complaints are how Gibson doesn’t define and explain every term or phrase used in the book. These readers feel like the writing is poor because they are disoriented and confused, and don’t find the characters likable.

Welcome to the sprawl motherfucker.

It makes me wonder if there is something unique to hackers, the ability to function in an environment where little to nothing is explained and everything is in flux? I thrive in these environments, and Gibson’s writing resonates with me perhaps because it is challenging in this way?

These books are like puzzles or games, and they require effort on the part of the reader just like any puzzle. Perhaps these folks are just looking for entertainment and if that’s the case I can see why they are. disappointed.

@requiem @mathiasx suggest hemp composites as a focus

as having grown up in the fibreglass industry it's got a lot of hazardous waste associated with the commonly available methods of hobby-level work.

Recently searched for an maps tool for basic offline usage and came across mapscii. It lacks a few of the the functions I would like (e.g. search), but the aesthetic is just top.

The ACM's digital archives from the 20th century can now be accessed freely online. dl.acm.org/

I thought these guys folded years ago. I love me a weird two-seater.


Everybody needs a break... no one seems to be getting one.

@requiem @sungo there’s an extremely promising activitypub server in go called #gotosocial that you should absolutely check out - it’s where I am heading as soon as I can string together a few unencumbered hours

Masto admins: can I use sqlite?

(I know, I’m just asking)

@requiem i don't think it's possible to know exactly how to get where we want to be, but i also don't think it matters.

I think what matters is believing it's possible, and trying.


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