I think there's a place for single-user operating systems, which have largely been supplanted by multiuser systems (Unix, unix-alikes, Windows NT and beyond, etc.).

I can see how this happened as a matter of convenience (it does solve some problems with single-user systems) but I think the cost of the complexity may outweigh the value when it comes to personal computers.

There is an beauty to knowing what your computer is doing because the only thing its doing are the things you told it to do explicitly.

Just noticed that the portable computer used by a young John Connor to hack an ATM was an Atari...


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Hack your contacts... a lot of people want to help you.

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@requiem @thegibson @estoricru I mean, that's the Peter Principle exactly. Great Engineers are not necessarily Great Managers, and HR needs to learn how to just pay people more without having to promote them.

Is there a term for working for someone who tells you to drop what you started and do something completely different...


I'm beat, but still here.

Another few days and I should be able to start rebuilding the lab.

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"Minimum wage machine" produces one penny every 4.97 seconds when the handle is turned, the same rate of earning as the current federal minimum wage in the U.S. (\$7.25)

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Why Gabbers organized a fake feminist (actually anti-trans site) was so they can make this claim. BTW “second largest Gab site) could be done with less than 1,000 people. Total bullshit.

This remodeling project is really taking a toll on my typing speed.

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Yes yes yes. Like, a smart home spy device can do a lot of things, but I'm pretty sure you can affordably fit my use case of "cooking timer you interact with by yelling bc your hands are covered in flour and/or meat" into the same form factor without needing wifi spy bullshit.

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Ding-dong, here's a map of the cops who use Ring doorbells to spy on you:


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@ajroach42 @requiem @emsenn most people respond to this "but nobody wants to write email headers by hand" but there's a huge difference between that, and showing the users how (some of) headers look like before sending the email. Everybody I ever told that actually the underlying thing is just a text file with to: user@computer.tld on top is surprised.

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@ewok 3 parts elmers glue to 1 part water, that is. I misspoke.

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@ewok thanks for the Abolish ICE stickers

TOTALLY UNRELATED but if you want to make stickers harder to peel off you can mix 3 parts elmers glue with 1 part 1 and then paint it over the sticker. A rag in a plastic bag with the mix in can be a makeshift brush.

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