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Join the Quantum Computing Class with @KittyArtPhysics on Sundays at 2:30pm EDT / 11:30am PDT

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Is it ridiculous to justify buying a minidisc recorder just because someone gave me a box of discs for free?

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@requiem Those run the Z8000 family of processors, not the Z80. That beast is about as powerful as an 80386SX AT-clone. (Although properly a 16-bit processor, it does have enough 32-bit support to make it more powerful than an 80286.)

Two things I decided today:

1. I’m going to overhaul my Prusa i2 instead of buying a new printer
2. I’m writing my own planet exploration game since I can’t find an existing one that meets my needs

I started writing the game today as a text-mode game in Python, and it got me wondering if there’s a slick way to make it playable on the web. Some kind of module that serves the console/terminal via a browser?

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Cowboy themed bars are popular around here, so console cowboy themed bars oughta be as well... right?

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Remember the fire from May 29th. Keep that in you. Don't let go of it.

We need that fire. We can't let that fire go out.

Now is the time to plan. Get together with other people. Assemble resources. reach out to people.

When the time is right, let your fire grow into a light that will be seen by millions.

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My film podcast "Modern Technology Watches" returns to the well as we hover over to "Back to the Future Part II," joined by our friends from The Dork Web!

I need a reliable (3D) printer.

I got lazy because my little MP Mini Delta worked so well for so long, but now it’s down every time I need it. I should have been building (or rebuilding) a Reprap, but when stuff works it’s hard to stop working on new stuff to focus on tools.

Now I have a deep backlog and adding a printer project on top is a bit much.

But also, I’m so cheap... 🤔🤔🤔

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A client of mine is hiring ~5 remote positions; all of which require 4+ years of production experience across the following specialities:

- Rails
- Security
- Frontend
- DevOps

The team is all very sweet, and ethnically and gender diverse. HMU via DM if you want links!


Boosts welcome!

Markov chain for images? Video? Audio?

Is this a thing?

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"Any luck moving your game's plot along?"

"Not really, but I gave the fridge an inventory system."


I never thought about using a counter as a frequency translator like this, very clever!

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Pumping out some Public Enemy to banish Tucker Carlson's leering fashy youtube thumbnails from my mind.

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