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I have the house to myself for a week in December, what do you think I should work on?

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New Blog Post

This is a big ol' list of the public domain movies I watched this year, with links and short reviews or descriptions.

If you find it useful, I'd love to know.

If you have questions, or comments, this is the place for them.

If you notice problems, I accept PRs (on github, at the moment, but we'll fix that eventually.)

#blog #movies #publicDomain #PD

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@requiem This was the basic concept behind the EOMA-68 standard.

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@requiem I have a friend who has done this, minus the pinephone.

A key on his expensive laptop broke. He is a contractor, and works for various places, so he needs a mobile computing device.

He bought an intel NUC, built his own keyboard, and purchased a hdmi screen that is powered by usb3 for cases where he might not have a display.

It works very well. I also purchased the same NUC and screen but do not use it for work, as work supplied me a laptop (and os, etc.)

So - my thoughts:
I don't think the phone will work for me, as quite frankly, I don't see it as something that can run virtual machines (which I do a LOT.) It might work for some. But for those who don't, a NUC is a sensible option, and they come in several varieties.
The intel compute stick - didn't work very well for this (not enough USB ports.) Though I still use mine.
Raspbery pi v4: You know, might work. So might a 3. Lower: probably would work for those who could use a thin client device.

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@requiem I have been thinking about this for a long time. I hope we'll see something like it, but we'll definitely be fighting the industry along the way.

They prefer the limitations of so-called smart devices. By having a limited device, streamlining the interface to the point of only being able to interact through "phone menu" interfaces, the industry creates an artificial scarcity for access to computing that give them control, which allows them to sell computing to people in various ways.

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Borland made the best compiler. It was so fast, easy to use and I loved it. Good memories there. Too bad microsoft killed it.

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@requiem ooh, this is just what I need!

I never use a smartphone or laptop at home: it's desktop all the way. But when I'm travelling somewhere for work, they expect me to have a smartphone and/or take a laptop along.

This kills both birds with one stone: I can avoid buying unnecessary devices, and still carry my computing power with me while travelling 📱💻

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Imagine how much more interesting and creative houses would be if everyone built their own and never sold it.

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i truly love the fact that this is a place where i can say something like "too tired to go to bed" and people will instantly understand exactly what i mean

When I was in school my favorite machines in the lab were these couple of macs that had a 486 card in them. You could flip between the Mac & DOS sides with a keyboard combo.

I could design/document/diagram my O/S on the Mac while hacking on the code in Borland Turbo C++ on the 486 and even crash the 486 w/o taking down the Mac.

(this is a frequent thing when writing O/S code, at least for me).

Plus the macs had sweet trinitron monitors which made both sides oh-so-nice to look at.

I wonder if I can play the PSP without waking the MRS?

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> Some crazy talk about how you might give-up your laptop and stop thinking about phones as phones:

Isn't this just the same dream of "convergence" that Ubuntu Touch (and many other projects) have tried and mostly failed to achieve for nearly the past decade?

(not saying it wouldn't be great—keep the dream alive!—just saying it seems to be harder than it first appears.)

Thinking about making some more music and sharing it via @funkwhale , but I don’t think I’m ready to admin my own instance again.

Any instances you’d recommend?

Some crazy talk about how you might give-up your laptop and stop thinking about phones as phones:

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matrix spoiler 

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got brexit? wreck shit. the government is being held hostage by one of its own parties. just burn it down.

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