Pulled this huge chunk of rock-hard crap out of the hot end of my Ender 5 last night…explains the filament jam.

Looks like part of the original ptfe Bowden tube (which I replaced with a Capricorn months ago), not sure what or why it was still in there, but it’s clearly metamorphosed into some sort of diamond.

What a world we live in, with technology providing so many opportunities ...

I just had to reboot my mouse.

Not the computer, mind you, but the mouse.

Life is too complex.

@requiem Just use Apple's app, Find My Fish.

Or was it Find My Phish? No, that one just finds a band.

Anyone ever build something like a “fish finder”?

I’d like to play with one, but all the off-the-shelf units I’ve looked at (in my price range) don’t do the things I want and I think it’s mostly about the software.

So now I’m thinking if I can just cobble-together the sensor I can probably write my own code to do the bed mapping, etc.)


I can smell the west coast in Massachusetts today

Health insurance 

Health Insurance in the united States would probably be less terrible if the process of murdering people by withholding vital medical care wasn't abstracted through bureaucracy.

I really can't go a day without accumulating more potential research interests.

I need to morph my research practice from "hoarding topics and reading materials" to "doing focused reading and writing".

Finally after three weeks or so of downtime got to pull the printer off the shelf and set it back up.

Still need to reload some plastic and test things out tonight, but I’m excited to get back to my normal mode of production.

@requiem I think fan translations of old (and new) videogames are awesome and let people play games they might never play otherwise.

Also, you can't beat great music. I'm really enjoying the Hollow Knight soundtrack and still love the Celeste soundtrack too, among many others.

Dunno if this is what you were asking for but yeah. May the Muses strike you with inspiration!

@requiem for awesome I have to go with the astronomy picture of the day. (e.g., "find the moon" apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap210711.ht) or a show like Planet Earth (2006).

@requiem The full schematics to the Kestrel-1 homebrew computer has been lovingly restored and published online.


Tell me about something you think is awesome.

I could use some inspiration.

I've been working with containers (Docker, etc.) at work and within that context warming to them, but at the same time realizing how all their advantages are solutions to fundamental problems in the way we use computers.

It's so bad that I want to write an extensive explanation but I feel like a) it's been done a dozen (hundred) times and b) no matter how good it is it won't get through to anyone who needs to hear it.

Probably a better route is to make something better that actually addresses the root cause.

Looking for suggestions for a web-based RSS reader in the spirit of Pinboard (simple, fast and run by an indie).

I haven’t done much of interest in the last two weeks other than remodel a bathroom and give myself CTS, so I apologize for being somewhat dull.

I promise to share some more interesting shit once this project is done and I heal-up a bit…

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