I love how this thing looks in the first picture with the crusty old keycaps...


I have the house to myself for a week in December, what do you think I should work on?

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Blood money is fine with us, says GitLab: Vetting non-evil customers is 'time consuming, potentially distracting' • The Register theregister.co.uk/2019/10/16/g

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Hey everyone, how was everyone's weekend? I was super busy with a bunch of stuff, and had a cold.

Now, I still have a cold and still am super busy.

How are you all?

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@thegibson some podcast i was listening to last week said that in the US we need to treat people who watch cable news religiously the same way we treat trekkies or hardcore gamers: as fans of an extremely niche media subculture

Some guy decided to tape me while I was dumping cardboard into a recycling dumpster at the park. There no “no dumping” sign, and it’s the same disposal company that services the neighborhood, so afaik I’m in the clear, but this guy felt the need to record me.

I resisted the urge to show him personally how I feel about surveillance.

It will be interesting to see what happens next.

I was having a frustrating time trying to research recipes on the web and thought to myself “I wonder why books don’t have ads yet?”

Oh yeah, magazines.

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@xj9 @enkiv2
It's the same thing in a social organization wherein coding remains almost entirely the domain of professional developers, because there aren't enough professional developers to do custom solutions for everybody. But, if more non-developers make their own custom solutions, those solutions don't need to scale.

I’m not making any decisions until this cup is empty.

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"We refuse to stand idly by and watch this machinery of destruction roll through our community unchallenged." - Madeline Cowen #StopTMX #keepitintheground #climatecrisis

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Open-Source Arm Puts Robotics Within Reach

In November 2017, we showed you [Chris Annin]’s open-source 6-DOF robot arm. Since then he’s been improving the arm and making it more accessible for anyone who doesn’t get to play with industrial robots all da… hackaday.com/2019/10/17/open-s

Original tweet : twitter.com/hackaday/status/11

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Every so often the relentless, unstoppable, Terminator-grade positivity of my part of the Fediverse gets on my nerves. I have a twitchy reaction and want to scream "The world doesn't work that way!" :flan_shout:

But then I remember: It could.

Yes, parts are shitty. They need fixing.

But it's also full of people lifting each other up, so we *can* fix those things.

The fact that this is weird and uncomfortable reflects on my life, not on any of you.

Keep on with the Terminator positivity.

Finally came up with an excuse to justify that cute little handheld bandsaw.

I have a number of unfinished 3d printer builds that got hung-up due to the difficulty of cutting smooth/threaded rod and other "minerals" using the tools I have.

Looks like that's an ideal application for those bandsaws...

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