The cloud: you never have to install a server again, but you’ll never have the right permissions to do what you need.

Work still sucks, but it sucks less now that I’ve found a Borland Turbo C-style theme for visual studio.

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uspol, self-care 

Hey friends.

If you are somewhere hot tonight, stay safe. Do what you can, but don’t beat yourself up if you can’t fix everything at once.

The world is fucked up and we need everyone who wants to make it better to outlive the bastards.

Nice to watch an hour of a smart person talking about a subject they actually know about.

Also nice to see another smart person make that face when asked those questions.

Work help desk is so bad I thought it was the onion.

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curl | exiftool - | grep GPS # Check if an image has GPS coordinates in it showing were it was taken.

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USPOL, KYPOL, Breonna, Everything is dry kindling. 

Grand Jury to rule on Breonna Taylor Cops this week.

Hint: They are boarding up federal buildings downtown, and my wife has been given an order to be prepared to shelter in place at her hospital tomorrow night.

Motorist on Shelbyville road forced his way through protesters this morning, exited his brown Ford Taurus with sidearm... looking for a fight. This is not downtown. This is a big shopping district.

Whole city is tense.

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"In short, federation distributes governance and cost, and can allow us to tackle challenges that we couldn’t overcome without it. The free software community needs to rally behind federation, because no one else will. For all of the reasons which make it worth doing, it is not rewarding for corporations. They would much rather build walled gardens and centralize, centralize, centralize — it’s more profitable!"

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@requiem yeah! check out /sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:device2/in_accel_x_raw and its directorymates - I used them to set up autorotation under X in this hacky script:

Any of you know if Linux provides “Unix-y” interfaces (/dev/something) to accelerometer/gyro hardware?

I’m writing some C code and I’m wondering if there is a higher-level interface vs just talking directly to the device via whatever bus (i2c, etc.) it’s attached to?

If it helps this is a running


As someone who has a track record of accurately predicting the future.

I don’t wanna.

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Friendly reminder to patch software, devices and download to local storage any files that you'd like to retain access to.


Motherfucker we are fucked now.

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