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@blipp I've already moved all but two of my projects from Github to @codeberg (I'm one of the early users, right when they opened) – and the remaining two will follow this year (probably before spring even). It's a much better fit, as "our philosophy" matches (free projects deserve a free platform – and vice versa). Still waiting for the stars to catch up, though 🤣

Besides: nice, friendly and helpful "staff", and a trustworthy admin there 😃

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Does anyone know any #linux #distro that is in need of #mirroring ?
I do mirror the popular ones already at but I am looking into helping out smaller #distros that does not have the money or capacity to spend on bandwith.

My life seems to increasingly revolve around Switzerland...

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imagine being a capitalist lmao what fucken losers

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look i know its a whole meme to say "this year will be the year of the linux desktop" i know thats the meme. i know. but listen.

when i was 26 i made my stepdad joseph a really fucking nice computer desk for his birthday. he used that desk every day that year for his linux desktop. to me, that year, ad 22, will always be the year of the linux desktop

Can’t remember if I shared this already, but here’s this months active projects:

Gonna try and do this at least once a month.

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PICO-8 starfield.

It's the most basic pseudo 3d scene to display but the more effective visually and still my personal favourite :)

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marketing people be like: "a series of smart proprietary NAND gates"

wait.... Manjaro doesn't install manpages?

I have to be doing something wrong.

What are we hacking on tonight hackerites?

Spending five minutes on Facebook really makes me appreciate how cool this place is.

Pretty sure I got some counterfeit Samsung SD cards from Amazon. I bought a pack and every one has gone to shit while the Sandisk cards got the same treatment and held-up just fine...

Buyer beware I guess.

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