@jonathan @requiem Yeah, Spectrum here too, though I had to pay to upgrade my modem to the gigabit capable one in order to get the IPv6 support. You should do the https://ipv6.he.net/certification/ course to familiarize yourself with the network admin side of ipv6. It's free.

Is this the year that I understand how to setup ipv6 and get all my shit at home on the internet?

I hope so.

@requiem Maybe it gives people the illusion of understanding, without the discomfort of genuine understanding.

The modern web is composed of layer after layer of solutions to personal problems retooled as products with virtually no evaluation of the parts one consumes.

Each time this comes to a head, the solution is to add layers of indirection until the underlying problem is invisible to the average developer.

It’s hard to see this from above, and easy to rationalize, but spend some time programming a computer with 1/10000000th the system resources and you’ll develop a form of “x-ray vision” that lets you see through this.

Then carve out your eyes in regret for the horror will be inescapable.

I think the fact that I spend any time fixing tests that break erroneously (i.e. the thing they are supposed to be testing is working fine) is a condemnation of this obsession with automated testing.

I’d estimate I spend half my time doing this.

What illusion of productivity led us to this?

Sudden recollection of running minix on parted-together XT’s salvaged from dumpster diving.

2400 baud modem cards and all.

Feel like I’ve been a bad netizen.

Work is wearing me out, and most of my non-work time is spent hacking on Halloween prep (which is rejuvenating but doesn’t leave much time for connecting with the cyberpunx).

Been spending too much time on mainstream social media too.

I’ll work on this.

Oh shit.

I just remembered there is a bottle of port in the house.

Now that the lab has been cleaned-up I’m compelled to keep it that way. I’d really like a heavy-duty robot vacuum but the only two I’ve seen are the discontinued Roomba Dirt Dog and the $1k+ Makita.

Maybe I should just build a pair of WHW’s tortoises with suction?


Had a bit of a reckoning this week. I don’t want to go into all the details, but the experience is making me come to terms with reconciling a dichotomy I’ve long struggled with: accepting the world as it is while not giving-up on making it better.

I thought I could resist all the evils of the world even if I couldn’t solve them all yet without causing harm in the desire to protect those whom the evils target most (as I am privileged to be less-often targeted). But I didn’t understand how holding this can be harmful too, and not only to myself.

As I write this out it sounds obtuse and maybe there is a more concise way to put it. Basically I’m learning the hard way that giving-up can sometimes to more to protect people than staying in a fight you don’t know how (or simply may be impossible) to win.

So I’m going to try and stop doing that 😁

@requiem I'm working on my own engine "The Argonaut Stack", highly modular & written in Haskell! No JavaScript support, aiming to deliver an optimal experience for voice (nearing completion), TV remotes, ereaders, & gaming controllers on compatible sites.

If I can achieve that I'd be keen to build embedding frameworks for GTK & Qt with WYSIWYG support.

Or I know of Dillo & NetSurf!

@requiem You could contribute to Gnome Web, or possibly more fun but not quite as useful, Serenity’s Ladybird, assuming you are not interested in more functional Chromium variants.

So I guess I’m done with Mozilla.


Is there any non-bastardly browser left, or am I forced to write one?

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