Idle birdsite vs fediverse observations 

Currently switching between this and birdsite, and gnawing on how to describe what I'm sensing is the gut-feeling difference, and I think "people on birdsite talk in a way that feels like trying to sound casual but actually yelling it at a nearby crowd to get attention", versus just... normal conversational tone, over here.

re: Idle birdsite vs fediverse observations 

@republic2809 That is so spot-on.

Idle birdsite vs fediverse observations 

@republic2809 Legit, I clocked my heart rate looking at both (not even engaging, just looking with my eyeballs) and birdsite makes my heart beat 15-20bpm faster. It's *stressful* over there.

@anathema @republic2809 I hadn't thought to be so scientific but the difference is really noticeable.

If mastodon is like a cup of tea, stimulation-wise, birdsite is methamphetamine 😂

Their app is constantly alerting you to new posts, stuff disappears, ads everywhere. All just feels like you're being gamed so hard, constantly.

@SmallPatatas I have said this a lot in my in-person space but hanging out here feels a lot more like a room or a bookstore where I can make casual and friendly conversation and sometimes people stick around and want to be friends. The vibe is totally refreshing and reminiscent of old school livejournal and message boards. I am in love with the lack of algorithm.

re: Idle birdsite vs fediverse observations 

@republic2809 yes! On the bird site a lot more people seem to have fallen into the habit of being on what I call >> broadcasting << mode 🥴🙄

It may not be in all caps but they aren't expecting anyone to interact with them about what they have posted 😂

re: Idle birdsite vs fediverse observations 

@juliasnz @republic2809 and then enraged when someone interacts with them. I’ve been guilty of that.

re: Idle birdsite vs fediverse observations 

@Backwarduntodusk @republic2809 Oh yes! The >> indignant << "I was not talking to you" ... 🤦‍♀️🤣😂😅 but like... 🙄🥴 weren't they just talking to everyone 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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