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Okay, time:

Hi folks, I'm Johnny. Yes, I chose my name because of Johnny Mnemonic. (And Spooky, as in "'Spooky' Fox Mulder", etc.)
I'm currently back in university to formalize my fascination with computer sciences and infosec into something more substantial, but otherwise I do... weird consulting work(?)
I take a lot of photos, and... well, you'll figure the rest out, hahaha, no need to rush things.

Nice to meet you all!

The part where they got two pelican cases worth of tools isn't even the biggest joke

It's the part where you have to contact their customer service to tell your phone that your battery isn't fake before it'll work and you need a second phone to contact them

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There needs to be a word for "an addition or upgrade that you decide to make to something of waning usefulness that makes it feel brand-new in an unexpected way". Experiencing this with my first-gen Surface Go and a keyboard dock thing that arrived in the mail today.

I really need a VR environment suitable for... note-taking. Akin to like having a room one might retreat to in order to get writing done, but really I guess just a space that's not... this one, to think in.

(Actually, desktop icon patches for specific programs would be fun, hey?)

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I really want a Limewire logo patch for my jacket.

re: Hidden upsides of "content warning" functionality 

Like, 100% want to see content warnings used as intended, but the whole "getting to the gist of the subject matter right out of the gate" thing isn't just helpful for folks who want to avoid certain subject matter; I find I'm using it to engage with things I'm seeking opinions and lived experiences on. It's a cool thing. And, unlike forums, the pace of this format removes the "hey someone already made a thread on this topic"/"don't resurrect threads older than X days since last post" paradox. It's a neat hybridization that I'm enjoying a lot.

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Hidden upsides of "content warning" functionality 

I'm kind of starting to think of content warnings here in the form of what forum thread topics used to be. Like, where one could peruse a series of threads and pick one based on the subject folks were (at least ostensibly) agreeing to talk about. Like, real efficient way of scanning through a timeline for the good stuff.

WOWWWW someone released a free theme park simulator for PICO-8! Play it in the browser here:

Briefcase workstation is a good starting point, though. I don't really have the luxury of predictable workspaces, so it'd only require, what, something to sit on and a relatively-level place to set it up. I got a bunch of nuts and bolts that conform to the standard (which currently escapes recollection) for camera tripods, so I'm sure I can rig something up down the road.

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Could be fun to make. A foldout workstation that sits on a tripod could do the trick for the sorts of things I like to work on. Would be a good use for a Raspberry Pi so it could work as a standalone workspace, etc...
Basically, I'm picturing sitting on the side of a bed in a hotel room or something somewhere, and being able to unfold/set up this thing and get to work when the mood/need to tinker strikes me.

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A family member of mine recently got a plein air paintbox/easel thing that uses a tripod mount, and now I'm thinking, what if I used a similar concept? Would possibly solve the "having a dedicated workbench" thing, in some cases.

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Have 3D printed/assembled one of those PCB workstations that uses those flexible coolant pipes for articulated arms for holding probes, and the more I cobble this thing together, the more I'm thinking "this needs to be like a folding briefcase workstation"...

Honestly, I could/should just go ahead and make my whole electronics workstation into something that fits into a Pelican case, now that I'm thinking about it.

Putting it out there again, in light of recent events.

If anyone was looking to move from a less tolerant state or area to a queer accepting area.

My job is hiring.

I work for a leftist community of businesses just outside the Detroit area.

They give good benefits and have been openly accepting of trans and queer folk since the 1980s.

pls let me know if you have interest. It does mostly require being okay talking to people. extra points if you have a special interest in food.

re: Longpost: Birdsite-Fediverse Cross-Posting 

By all means, if folks want to pursue ways to close the gap and make them more interoperable, 100% go for it. I think it's cool that we can even do that. I'm just reflecting and finding, to my surprise, that it's much less of a priority for me than it initially was.

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Longpost: Birdsite-Fediverse Cross-Posting 

When I first chose to evaluate the fediverse's viability over Twitter, my first move was to set up automatic cross-posting. There were some hiccups with this, and I realized that I didn't understand how retweets would work. Ultimately, I disabled it cross-posting, because I realized I was going about things the wrong way.

The way I use Twitter and the ways I interact with the fediverse are just fundamentally different, and I find I want very different things out of each of them. Because of this, trying to bridge the gap in the styles of interaction and things like content-warnings and trying to work around alt-text being missing feels less like a big flaw and more like a regular hurdle that comes from getting two really different things to play nicely together. Even that might be complicated by the fact that I wonder how much consensus there is on how similar Twitter and this experience should be.

Personally, now, when I think about trying to streamline and optimize my experience on here, it feels silly? May very well be different for other folks, but I know it does for me, even if I can't exactly put my finger on the specifics. It just *feels funny* now. Major departure from my initial impulse to just have a backup version of an experience I realize now I never actually liked that much.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a mastodon instance that's currently open for registration?

My friend wants a trans-friendly space, her requirements are "cute and soft".

A misskey instance would probably be alright too.

Death of an early internet implementor 

Rest in peace Dave Walden. He was an early ARPANET and Internet pioneer and Iwas incredibly helpful to me when I set out to blog about the first 365 RFCs. A kind and funny man.


His wonderful website:

The book he edited on the history of BBN:

He was also an important figure in the TeX community:

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