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Okay, time:

Hi folks, I'm Johnny. Yes, I chose my name because of Johnny Mnemonic. (And Spooky, as in "'Spooky' Fox Mulder", etc.)
I'm currently back in university to formalize my fascination with computer sciences and infosec into something more substantial, but otherwise I do... weird consulting work(?)
I take a lot of photos, and... well, you'll figure the rest out, hahaha, no need to rush things.

Nice to meet you all!

Because, really, what does that mean? It means I'm on the right path for once, and that my priorities are in order, and that is... something I need to make sure I'm not reflexively discouraging in myself.

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I need to shake off the flawed notion that I can't also need something I want.

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I gotta get better at remembering that investing in the tools and materials I need is not a luxury, but a necessity, if I'm ever going to lead the kind of life I want and need to lead. And fast.

Occasionally I get a really strong urge to go see NY again. I'm not even sure what it is exactly I'd do there if I did, but it was interesting to just... walk and observe things.

The Thing is a thing.

Get The Thing and help kill the algorithm.

Help restore the future.

Mild Star Trek Lower Decks spoiler. 

Star Trek: Lower Decks has convinced me I need a Starfleet insignia "DO NOT WORSHIP" sticker for my laptop. Bucephalus here may not be a Landru, but even so.

Deadlines, university, etc. 

I gotta write some essays, but thankfully they're philosophy essays dealing with professional ethics, and... *boy*, do I have a gear in me for really going hard on that subject, ahaha. Deadlines are always stressful, and especially when it comes to writing, but... if I can flip that switch in my brain, I'll be just fine.

I need a good term for "righteous and probably cacophonous endeavor". Like, little inside baseball here; I think in shapes, not words. Not sure if that counts as a sort of synesthesia that everything is shapes and relative positions to me, but either way, words take some conscious effort.
Nevertheless, it's good to find the right title or name for a thing, even if it's just 'internal use' stuff.

From the Birbsite 

I used to give this advice to the cops I trained on investigating animal fighting crime scenes, but it’s always relevant, in life, everywhere. Look up. Look down. Take the time to look in places you wouldn’t normally look.

"Zero Cool crashed 1507 systems in one day, biggest crash in history, front page, New York Times, August 10, 1988."

You can celebrate this by checking out the hijinks which ensued when I introduced my wonderful spouse to 1995's "Hackers."


William Gibson was on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs on November 19th, 1999.

He mentioned something about a Japanese idol who never actually existed having some merchandise and 'artworks' released, and I've been wondering on and off for years about that. Anyone know what he might've been referring to, specifically? It's a piece of information I've wanted to add to my collection for a long time.

Wishing I was at DEFCON, even if just for the change of scenery and some stickers for my main machine Bucephalus here. Ah, eventually. Eventually.

Death in the family, birthdays 

The birthday of a late loved one, and the first since their passing. I know enough not to beat myself up over not quite knowing what to do or how to mark the occasion, but even so.

I've been polishing a token from "Circuit Circus", which apparently still exists on Granville Island in Vancouver. I wonder if they have any old Johnny Zee's tokens mixed in with theirs?

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It's a specific flavor of exonumismatics that I've gained an appreciation for.

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Guess that'd make sense, right? No retooling a machine that gets imported if it already accepts tokens, and why bother with tokens at all if there wasn't a business reason? Etc., etc. It's fun. I especially love finding arcade tokens in circulation at arcades, marked with business names that no longer exist.

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I've had a theory about arcade tokens for a while now that I haven't found any confirmation on. They're all typically the same size because they're mimicking 100-yen coins, I'm guessing? Got some tokens from various extinct arcades here with a 22.6mm diameter, which can't be a coincidence, right?

Eh, I don't need to justify it. It's fun to realize "oh I can just do this thing".

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I forgot how nice it is to own a domain I like and set up an email address that uses it. Yeah, I know that's a small thing, but it brings me as much joy as it did the first time.

Hack the planet should be a real show. I want a high-energy low-budget 22 minutes of very pretty people wearing cool makeup and wild outfits giving tldrs on hacking and politics. I think that would be a rad fucking show and I think people would watch it.

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