@hummingrain Me too! I needed to set up my workstation to be able to do so but oooh the itch is strong.

I'm going to port my masto client attempt to Reaction. I'll probably keep the MUI code around so I can support AROS and maybe classic in the future.

@remotenemesis Just to make sure I know what's up:

Reaction = programming language
MUI = something to do with the ui?
AROS = Amiga OS for x86
classic = PowerPC Amigas



sorry for the jargon dump!

Reaction is a GUI library that became "standard" in 3.5

MUI is another GUI library... a de facto standard in many ways.

classic=more like Motorola 68k Amigas. PowerPC support is Next Gen.


aha... AROS is an open source operating system that re-implements of the Amiga 3.5 APIs. It was originally designed for x86, there's an RPi port in progress and I believe it does compile for Classic M68k too.

@remotenemesis And what platform are you currently working on? (Hope all the questions are okay!)

@hummingrain of course!

This is an A-EON AmigaOne X5000 PowerPC "next gen" Amiga running Amiga OS4. So if you like, this is the official branch of next gen Amiga land.

There's also MorphOS which I hear is really nice.

I have:

Amiga 2000
CF card with workbench 4
CF to IDE adapter
An IDE card (I think I went with the buddha, but I don't remember.)
A mouse
A keyboard adapter so I can use a ps/2 keyboard
A guru modem
A VGA adapter
A cheap genlock (that I found for less than $15)
A video toaster (which I also found unexpectedly cheap.)

I haven't hooked up the hard drive yet, just got the adapter yesterday.

I still gotta find the video toaster software and get it on to the box, but I'll use my genlock for now.

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