I could look at the news and get upset, or I could share a link to the winning from

:amiga: Eon by The Black Lotus

@remotenemesis it's just incredible considering the resources. Like someone writing a cool short story after being told they can only use 13 of 26 letters!

@StuC @remotenemesis then perhaps you'll enjoy...

The TBL Tech blog

(or "Coding with Balls" by Slummy/Spaceballs, explaining various bits of his productions.)

@remotenemesis So

Some people have been so ... up in their own shit with work and stress

they missed this #demosunday entirely

That said: I did discover much of it was up by pointing my newpipe setup to it and watching some on the ride to/from work.

Maybe I'll get that thing converted tommorrow, so I can put one up for #demosunday...

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