:WeAreNameless: William Gibson's novel Neuromancer was an influence on the film (in particular, use of the term "Matrix").

After watching the film, Gibson commented that the way that the film's creators had drawn from existing cyberpunk works was "exactly the kind of creative cultural osmosis" he had relied upon in his own writing. However, he noted that the film's Gnostic themes distinguished it from Neuromancer, and believed that it was thematically closer to the work of Philip K. Dick.

Oh hey, P K D is y shit, especially Reloaded/Revolutions Really nail the 'the Empire never ended' theme of pkd. Although from all that I ever read/watched about the trilogy, pkd was never mentioned as inspiration. (I can easily see how they bleed into his works, but from a pretty different angle than pkd himself did in the novels).

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