Documentation that spends more time on the whys of it than the hows of it is my favorite documentation of all.


@djsundog a salesperson once told me a nice mental trick in how to convey information.

We often start with the "how". Especially us hacker types.

Then we expand to the "what" and sometimes we get to the "why".

She taught me to start with the why, then the what and finish with the how.

All good documentation starts with the why IMO.

@remotenemesis @djsundog Simon Sinek talks about this a lot, it's where I heard it presented and rather liked it: .

@remotenemesis @djsundog haha so he apparently is author of book "Start with Why" and others that are very successful. Anyway he's an engaging speaker to listen to! :)

@StefBarron @djsundog

Ah yes! This must have been the source for what I was taught. Thank you for this!

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