y'ever think about how so many web devs' heads ended up so far up their own asses that firefox had to make a dedicated "just discard all the styling so you can actually read it" button

@lifning A few of us over on Hackers.Town (I think maybe @nobody or maybe @remotenemesis) and some others from Sunbeam.City were discussing a movement similar to brutalist-web.design where we build sites that _actually work_ from now on.

@garrett @lifning @nobody @remotenemesis I'm working _REALLY_ hard to provide a super nice interface for Koype that goes by those ideals first - I use NoScript and uBlock so dogfooding the no-JavaScript interface is important for me.

@jalcine I use uBlock and Privacy Badger so if it (any website) doesn't work in those I won't use it.

Unfortunately even my own site ApproachingUtopia.com has some issues w/ them so I need to work on that, but it's mostly my email newsletter signup forms that don't work.

@lifning @nobody @remotenemesis

@jalcine @garrett @lifning @nobody thank you for the link. Very much along this line of thinking of web sites not web applications....

@remotenemesis @jalcine @lifning @nobody yeah this is exactly the kind of stuff we are talking about doing! Good find! CC: @AceNovo

@remotenemesis @jalcine @lifning @nobody @AceNovo If I can’t load your website on my old school Kindle, it’s not good enough!

@remotenemesis @jalcine @lifning @nobody @AceNovo Another thought: the size of websites and U/D data is the biggest thing that will stop/is stopping mesh nets from becoming a viable alternative to the Internet (aside from ease of use, which I’m sure we aren’t far away from “plug and play”). Our idea solves that problem.


Local storage is now incredibly cheap compared to the last time that bandwidth was expensive.

Store and forward all the things!
@jalcine @lifning @nobody @AceNovo

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