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You can tell I enjoy a conversation when I give a post-chat infodump.

Continuing to get annoyed at Datalog for queries in Logseq, when I remembered org-roam uses a SQLite database. Plus there’s org-roam-ui, which — sheesh. It’s impressive.

trying out Juggl graphing plugin for Obsidian

something something "WARNING" something "not optimized for large graphs" something something "do not use if" something "250 nodes"

[looks at 1500-page vault]

[clicks ok]

[reboots computer]

Popped a crown right off. Again. I tell you what this ADHD fidgeting thing has its risks for sure.

I remember a T-shirt from when I was a kid that said "I'm not completely useless. I can always be used as a bad example."

Completely unrelated: looking forward to giving a talk on task estimation later.

okay maybe not *completely* unrelated

I already knew Logseq does rich paste with C-v. Today I learned plain-text paste is C-V. That’s Control + Shift + v.

Makes it a lot easier to paste bookmark titles.

83F (28C) tomorrow. Looking forward to hating the world 11 degrees less than I did today.

There we go. Munged 30-something carefully managed configuration files into one unreadable 3600 line sorta-markdown file.

Course the whole point was for reading and now I'm too tired but hey at least it nests pretty in Logseq.

Obsidian Dataview vs Logseq Datalog/Datascript is one thing that could nudge me more towards Obsidian.

Not that Datalog is *bad*. It’s just — violently unfamiliar. ~4 hours failing to get a query working vs ten minutes to success in SQL-ish Dataview.

Woke up, saw a Planet Crafter update, trying to find out what it is, grumbling about there being no announcement.

Oh wait I think that’s because they were still typing it.

Played a little with Ink (React for terminal apps) and I enjoyed it. Not sure whether it’s because the library is good or because I kinda like the depravity of JSX for TUIs.

Used CogDB to describe a folder hierarchy. Easier than figuring out how to annotate recursive structures for Mypy.

I got some weird ideas of hard vs easy.

Chatting w/ someone I don't know well & they infodump on brain wiring issues — that I know well — asking for tips.

We're not close so I don't say "you *are* ADHD/autistic" but "you may find coping skills used by ADHD/autistic folks helpful whether that's you or not"

Was simultaneously so astonished and ashamed by what I had created on the way to getting work done that I had to report myself to management.

How do my notes not have a summary page for Github? The shame.

> where open source software goes to be assimilated by an AI coding assistant


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Still tempted to buy one of the shiny Apple Silicon machines, but one thing holds me back.

No not the walled garden thing. Or the megacorp thing. Or the labor relations thing (aren't those all the same thing?)

I'm cheap and my old computer hasn't melted.


Trail mix is probably somewhere right behind Jolly Ranchers for post-dentist "Don't You Dare."


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