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My favorite part of any Electron app is `<control>-<shift>-i`

Solarized Extended is an amazing theme for Logseq right without any tweaking.

But I tweaked it anyways. Comic Neue for prose, Fantasque Sans for code, conveniences for block refs and italicized text.

Reading the headlines and suddenly thought of this song which came out in 1997 and I think probably should've gotten more airplay, but the millennials figured it out on their own.

Denis Leary — "Life's Gonna Suck" (1997)

But after only about 15 minutes on hold, I have been able to confirm the pharmacy is open regular hours today.

Just gotta go pick up my prescription.

where did i put my pants

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day 3 without adhd meds

i have started 17 projects

this is in addition to Saturday's 15

and yesterday's 23

Tonight’s note-taking was fun. Got to dig out basically forgotten LaTeX codes and find out how well Logseq supported them. So far so good!

Message in a bottle: anyone got a 3bd home for rent in Bellevue, Washington that is not the amityville horror house. Like now?

Task one of the day: pour a fresh cup of coffee

Started: 8:30am

Completed: 11:15am

Next up: laundry.

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Fantastic talk by on organization and program management while scaling a con, surprisingly similar to scaling a startup post-series-A!

Psychiatrist hasn't found the button that says "send by mail."

So — day two w/o ADHD meds:

- brew coffee; forgot to push "brew"
- brew coffee; forgot to put coffee in
- pour out hot water; brew coffee; forgot to turn coffeepot back on
- brew coffee; ?

wish me luck!

I was confused about JavaScript promises so I read "Understanding JavaScript Promises" by Nicholas C. Zakas. Now I'm slightly less confused *and* I took notes so any lingering confusion should eventually resolve itself.

dall-e is an impressive technological marvel, but DID YOU KNOW: for a nominal fee, you can hire unfathomably talented artists living in poverty to render any and all of your invasive thoughts NO QUESTIONS ASKED

Oh hey. redirects to, and I see nothing about Regolith Desktop being in beta anymore.

Guess I can update now!

First remove node_modules. *Then* `cp -Rv` the project folder.

Really shocking how often the answer to "why can't we find the thing in the database?" is "because it's not in the database."

Okay, maybe not so shocking.

where is my exercise book i cannot find my oh yeah the exercise book is under the four pound m-and-m jar

I was really depressed for the last two days because I left my ring on the lawn and the crows stole it BC shiny. It's irreplaceable and Akkas gave it to me two years ago so I was devastated. I dredged the pond and used a metal detector all over the lawn but it was gone. But today I cooked the crows bacon in the morning and this afternoon it was returned RIGHT WHERE I LEFT THE BACON!!!!!

It's not the amount, it's the amount of variation. The Python Pandas solution I can't use because wrong language is ~71 MB, but it's within 1 MB of that on every run.

But still. Imagine the same task in Go / Rust / Crystal / not you java / Erlang / Red.

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I tell you what, watching what Node does with the memory heap sure has bumped up my interest in Go and Rust.

The same JS code uses 8-45 MB of heap on independent runs over the same data depending on — I have no idea.

Looking at my implementation for this ticket. I think I’m gonna need to tap the sign.

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