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She's sick too so between the two of us the house is a cacophonous chorus of coughing.

But I have showered, taken every relevant drug I could find in the house, and she made me some ginger tea which is very soothing.

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Roughly four hours of sleep in roughly 5-20 minute increments. That's not fun.

I'm so glad she puts up with and even seems to enjoy when I suddenly shift to info dump mode about the most goddamn obscure topics.

oh no

I'm already running low on brain battery. Better do the PTO clock thing while I still can.

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First time I ever put earplugs in so I wouldn't be woken up by *my own* snorfle snuffle SHNC breathing

but it kinda worked so hey

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Still trying to get sleep. Managed an hour so far. Stuffed up, coughing, chills — could be the plague or maybe lungs clearing out from smoky casinos + busted furnace (currently 56F inside).

Anyways let’s keep trying a little longer.

This past week was absolutely incredible or to be precise the Knowledge Graph Conference 2022 was incredible. All the slides are available on Zenodo. My little contribution from few years ago was to ask all presenters to post slides there. Even industry folks did it.

Was gonna catch up on vacation time’s work slack notifications today. Saw how many of them there are. Decided it can wait until after Monday coffee. Played video games and puttered on web stuff.

Got Loop Hero on sale this morning. Spent six hours playing it. Guess I like it. Feels like a good use of $5.

Giving a vacation recap to my mom and this should probably go on the yelp or something:

"There was a fair amount of regrettable food but Tournament of Kings was the most memorably regrettable of the entire Vegas trip."

Yay, comments working on via

Got some ideas for folks without GitHub accounts but one step at a time.

Alaska Airlines support working real hard to make sure we avoid using them again after a mostly pleasant couple decades.

Well I'll say this much in the Lyft driver's favor:

We are alive, home, and in one piece.


i am not a huge fan of hydroplaning

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I was the one in the casino doing finger math to track credits vs dollars on those machines.

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