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crap i think i just volunteered myself for something

as soon as i figure out what i will commence the regret

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What I'm saying is if your official SSG documentation talks about setting up a blog and considers itself done when it gets to pagination, all you're teaching folks is how to use your tools to make future abandoned projects.

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I mean we all gotta get our pedagogical urge out and no shame starting small but keep in mind that two blog posts is barely a drunken weekend.

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Love these SSG tutorials that are all "here's how to set up a blog with 2 posts"

Friend I have 598 date-specific content files and I'm not even the most prolific blogger I know. Your tutorial is a "draw the rest of the fucking owl" monstrosity.

So according to the quick test that was not COVID knocking me on my ass this week. Still waiting for results from the slow test, but there is the ever-growing question of WTF was that.

A dozen emails about the new time-tracking procedure, none of which include the URL. Great job on communication, gang.

The main real problem I'm bumping into with Doom Emacs having so many options installed and enabled so easily is that *something* auto-complete related is locking up my Emacs session but I have no idea *what*.

So I've messed with a lot of site generators / toolkits over the last couple few years and they've all been varying degrees of interesting / intriguing / aggravating but so far the only two I'd call *fun* are and .

"Expertise" came up and per my usual I backed up quicker than if I forgot my fries at the drive-thru but this time I used a term for my skillset that I kinda like: "awareness."

as in aware of the broad strokes & big issues and even how to find the experts if you need them

Told someone today that I like documentation automatically generated from docstrings because it's all still lies but at least the lies are closer to the code.

Well how about that. `ox-hugo` works well enough with Eleventy. My Emacs config exported just fine.

Needed to tweak the syntax highlighting on the other end because shiki doesn't know "elisp" but still. Not too bad.

Need to scoot my keyboard over cause Barry ain’t moving.

The COVID ripple effect is noticeably reaching us us with the good insurance. Booster shot appointment? Two months. Urgent doctor appointment? Next month maybe.

Again, for whatever weird reason I'm sticking with American Truck Simulator in Windows and in Linux.

Finally in-game long enough to buy a truck.

Got three or four blog post thoughts in my head on the Node.js puttering I’ve been doing over the last few days. Wrote an outline for one of them. Also, small-tech/jsdb is kinda nifty.

But first maybe a nap because my body has decided it hates everything.

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