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Made a simple Django report view with Bokeh to show as proof of concept tomorrow.

They're gonna want more.

oh no

I may have to *read* those Tufte books on my shelf.

And despite everything, I got one of my TODOs done. Still a few to go, but TBH we'll see.

Whelp. So much for getting work done. No point turning the news off. I still know it exists.

Cool. Full text search thing works just how I need it. Replaced several subqueries that *almost* worked with a database view holding relevant data in one field.

Next on my "bad ideas attempted with enthusiasm" list is Sockpuppet for some HTML over the wire with Django.

Slowly but surely learning how to do full text search of a Postgres db across multiple columns in Django.

Good stuff.

No way in hell am I committing any of this tonight. Needs the light of day and caffeine clarity first.

Breaking out Jupyter for this one because sometimes you need more than a REPL, less than the full app, and org mode doesn't make sense because you're not writing a blog post.

The number of posts about Django supposedly on a specific topic but spending 80% of their length building a whole dang app like it's the introductory essay for a recipe.

Sudden flashback to interview at tiny WebCo where we got to $$ talk. Founders balked at my (low because I didn't know market rate yet) request w/ "we don't pay *ourselves* that much" & I was sad for them.

Bemused, amiable finish. No job, no regrets.

Current status: trying to break up a fight between Jumpy Dog and Stupid Robot Vacuum.

BTW the Big Sur password update prompt is the most annoying user interface I have encountered since Windows Vista. Maybe longer.

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Not much. Getting mad trying to update postgres on macOS. You?

My site's *almost* back to the level of IndieWeb functionality I had before. Once I have that — in a more maintainable form this time — I can get back to improvements.

I don't think there are many local people to South Africa who follow me here, but for those who do, I was looking for somewhere to buy face masks that read 'It goes over your nose', and couldn't find anywhere local until a creative friend hooked me up with another creative friend who was on the verge of adding this product to her website.


"with all due respect" declares a variable but does not initialize it

Your irregular reminder that @nolan's is an absolutely delightful front-end for Mastodon when you find the TweetDeck-ish default too busy.

@dzuk 90s visions of the internet were so ludicrous and exciting. Who can we sue to force them to become true

I keep using convenience libraries, and then end up needing to add so much safety checking that I can't even *see* the convenience code anymore.

About time I sat down and listened to some of this work.

Sun Ra — Space is the Place

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