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So weird at the grocery store today. Everybody staying six feet away from each other, trying to avoid conversation or breathing at you or looking at you.

Yes I know that's Seattle's rep. But it's usually just a thing we do for tourists & visitors (anyone lived here < 20 years)

Oh hey. Tasty new ear treat from Man Man. Stopping what I was listening to so I can listen to this instead.

#nowplaying #fediplay

Man Man - "Dream Hunting in the Valley of the In-Between"

I miss Ursula K Le Guin and Iain M. Banks. Wise in different ways, they saw the whole thing for what it was.

Even one shelf of books is a lot when you're packing to move.

Realizing that my recent "Stay healthy!" signoff in chats and emails is probably going to be a long term habit.

Hard deadline around the corner with catastrophic consequences.

Ah, there's my executive function. I knew it was around here somewhere.

Just tried to pay a bill with my driver's license, if you're wondering how the old brain cells are doing today.

-work (not mine) vulgarity (mine) 

Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country's stock portfolios.

Gris continues to be gorgeous but when I'm upside down at 11:30pm it's time to wrap it up for the night.

If the United States were an alien civilization visited first by the Enterprise, Captain Picard would break the prime directive so hard

And for bonus extra fun times, West Seattle Bridge is closed indefinitely while they sort out structural issues.

Did I mention we're moving to West Seattle in a few days? No I know. We can take the low bridge.


These apparently are my monkeys, and this really is my circus.

It's official. Everyone in Washington needs to be more like me for a little bit.

  • Stay home
  • Maybe go for a walk
  • Stay at least six feet away
  • WFH
  • Install Linux
  • Explore forgotten Steam purchases
  • Coffee

I'm extrapolating; stopped listening after a while.

I keep wanting to take my friends out for a treat and being reminded we can't do that because there's a global pandemic.

Spring's here: birds sing, pandemic rages. Time to update the #introduction.


  • not great about CWs, especially for food / beverage / eye contact pics
  • public toots and replies-to-self forward to Twitter unless tagged #nobirb
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