Me being reassuring: “if your leg falls off, it probably wasn’t the flu shot.”

Told her she had the inny and outy bits I like so much and she was bemused and I have failed as a spouse so I just bought enough Red Dwarf to get us started.

Using an idea for some personal dashboard stuff as an excuse to install PHP 8.

Well, my week in Windows was fun but I needed to get back to familiar territory: spending all day trying to fix my awesomewm config.

The smoothest damn band I have ever heard in my life.

Ian Dury and The Blockheads — Sex & Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll

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Loving some Ian Dury oh yeah he had polio as a kid now getting mad about antivaxers and pandemics and —

yes yes dear dear perhaps next year or maybe even never
in which

Ian Dury and The Blockheads — Reasons To Be Cheerful, Pt 3

@deafferret Thank you very much! Hitting the sort of numbers where I'm ever more pleasantly surprised to reach a new one.

Holy crap but Laravel's an entire dang ecosystem. I knew, but I didn't *know*.

Starting to almost feel like a competent programmer, and I've only been doing this professionally a couple decades. Pretty good, really.

But I don't want to crush my goals. I want to hug them and apologize for ignoring them so much.

She bought me the hardcover Calvin & Hobbes books for my birthday. I already knew she was amazing, but holy crap.

Another pairing session, another opportunity for me to enthusiastically endorse the Rich terminal text formatting library for .

Just spent half an hour trying to figure out why $PYTHONPATH wasn't picking up a local include lib.

Realized I misspelled said lib in my script file.

@sungo lucky for me the API-using user base is just others on my team. But just the query part has saved me some time with not needing custom endpoints or obnoxious “?with=[relA,relB]” style params.

Been adding a GraphQL layer to this Django app by request. It's cool and all, but my goodness this thing is starting to feel cumbersome.

@oppen I played a *lot* with Dart in its early days. I thought it was tedious to use — too Java-ish for my taste — but impressive in its capabilities.

But that was all around the same time as Nymwars, and I was learning not to trust Google. Yeah. Here we are today. I trust them more than Oracle, but that's about it. And that's pretty bad.

And yeah when in Windows I'm usually using Alacritty for my WSL time.

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Kind of embarrassing how close I watch an almost three year old Windows Terminal issue.

But I really like having bold — and italic — in my terminals.

I keep wanting to play with Dart but then I remember it's a Google thing. Then I think about all the other Google things, like how they cancel the wrong projects and fire the wrong people.

Haven't done anything new with Dart just yet, that's all I'm saying.

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