I got 13 repos on my Gitea and ten of them are alternate versions of my blog.

Introvert vs extrovert is insufficient. I dislike interacting with unfamiliar humans. Downright anxiety, right?

But I've been doing infodumps with my replacement 4h daily all week. Loved it. Scheduled more for next week.

First to say "ambivert" has to clean the whiteboard.

Inbox flood as they realize I'm a short-timer.

Judging by the extended rant during todays pairing / mentoring session, I'm on team "view functions" for Django.

Went to sleep three hours earlier than usual. Body woke me up two hours earlier than usual. So I guess it's nice to sleep in?

everybody's vaccinated so expectations for the person with COVID are mild and of course hoping it's normal person definition mild and not clinical diagnosis "gets to breathe their own oxygen for now" mild

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Household family got our first official COVID diagnosis which is a lucky break I can call in and cancel my dentist appointment because I got a fresh covid exposure NOT BECAUSE I COMPLETELY FORGOT NO IT'S BECAUSE PLAGUE NOT ADHD


Asked by current manager why I took the new job. What does the new place offer they don't?

Might've oversimplified my answer but it covered the gist: doing good work, teammates I already know I like working with, and gobs of money.

(no not FAANG-scale gobs but compared to what this job pays yes it's a lot)

Multiple four hour pair programming sessions this week and I only tried to weasel my way out of them a little bit.

So proud of myself.

Nothing like trying to get work done on a seven year old laptop to remind me that an IDE or Electron-powered text editor isn't necessarily the best way to go.

Got a lot to do today but my brain has said "no" so it appears we are at an impasse.

Coworker at the current gig has a habit of sidetracking me with some odd thing they noticed while poking at the app. So I'm annoyed because I was already working on X, but almost always find two or three bugs from that odd thing they noticed in Y.

A mixed blessing for sure.

The new Pi fan(s) came in a new Pi case (Argon One Pi 4 V2). Not sure what I think of the Alienware aesthetic, but it does look sturdy. And it’s quiet.

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@docskrzyk The only spot for my Pi is about six feet from my head, so I had to shut the thing down when I wasn't using it.

Put it on an extension cord and let it be out of sight? Unprotected from cats? Can't do *that*

Replaced the Cana fan on the Pi4 with something quiet enough that I forget it's on if there's any other background noise at all.

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