“I don’t care how you web dev; I just need more better web apps”

Published this yesterday. We keep talking about frameworks or web components but, personally, I’d just like to see better websites and web apps baldurbjarnason.com/2022/more-

buy the Fuck out of Popular Youtuber Merch so you can sell it back to these 10 year olds when they’re 30 and feeling nostalgic

Me: [gives dazzling* demo of tool]

Coworker: Any problems with tool?

Me: oh yeah definitely


* a sleep-deprived ramble but let me embellish for effect okay?

got an idea for doing a work thing in nushell but i better not get carried away or they'll have to deploy my laptop


Over the coming months @conservancy will release guides and stories from projects that have moved away from GitHub. Let's shed light on the damage that is caused by centralizing community development on proprietary platforms.

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Pretty much nonstop for an hour or three.

Clearly the somewhat lighter fireworks usage in the warmup fortnight was because they were saving their budget for tonight.

@tithonium I've noticed it a couple times now that you mention it.

@lkhrs over the last half-dozen releases, I'd say nu's transitioned from "for developers of nu and those with an inhuman love of novelty" to "for early adopters"

@sungo strawberry jam for this but many options are workable.

In which I once again spend all day decomposing one-liners, this time for Nushell

My Three(ish) Favorite Nushell Features


Loud Dog dry-heaving in time to Kraftwerk "Computer World" is certainly an experience.

Up since 6:30am or so and didn't focus enough to take my meds until 12:19 wait I haven't yet because I got on to post this first brb ok NOW I took them

Heard a transformer go boom somewhere nearby and I'm pretty sure a few minutes later I heard a second do that death-groan thing they do sometimes.

So far we still have power but no longer living in Seattle proper I am not optimistic.

And a very happy fourth of fuck right the hell off to the folks lighting their fireworks off at 12:15am, from me, the dogs, the cats, and the people who were sleeping until oh just a few minutes ago.

This is not Jumpy Dog’s begging face. This is her “LOUD THINGS LOUD WHY” face. So I’m okay with her underfoot.

@colin similar, and i suspect it’s because our brains do the translation with quick pattern matching instead of actual math.

What’s embarrassing here is I literally pasted from a timestamped note and for some reason changed it after the fact.

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