The new Pi fan(s) came in a new Pi case (Argon One Pi 4 V2). Not sure what I think of the Alienware aesthetic, but it does look sturdy. And it’s quiet.

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Having a little fun with PyFilesystem + Rich + sqlite_utils to help my eternal mission: find duplicate and redundant files on my disk.

Duplicates are the easy part. Still pondering best tools for redundant files. exiftool for sure. Maybe OpenCV.

Need to scoot my keyboard over cause Barry ain’t moving.

Again, for whatever weird reason I'm sticking with American Truck Simulator in Windows and in Linux.

Finally in-game long enough to buy a truck.

Well heck replacing content images with captioned figures was easier than I expected.

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Got basic section feeds in via eleventy-plugin-rss. This is the closest I've come to a full port of the site since Statamic earlier this year.

Might it actually become the new site? I HAVE NO IDEA THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME ok maybe it's not killing me

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Okay so I broke my CSS. I'll get to that tomorrow. The important part is my 1757x988, 253KB cover png is now a 700x394, 21k webp with png backup for the summary card thanks to eleventy-img.

Need to look up how fancy I can get with the sharp options. Eventually.

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Barry is absolutely a committed lap kitty now.

Wouldn’t mind if he occasionally committed to someone else’s lap, but this is nice.

Getting a lot closer with the Eleventy port, but I'm starting to think I should give up on responsive images without a shortcode.

There's a plugin, but so far it has not made things easier.

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Tried drawing something that can be tiled, units too tidy for my tastes.

Section year pages in Astro using just about the same logic as I had on my Hugo site before, but a lot quicker to read / write because it's not that dang Go template language.

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This mess is what a hard-earned success looks like. Astro sees and builds all ~600 content files from my blog.

Well enough to list them at least.

So that's 80% of the work done. Now for the next 80%.

purr programming

That beats everything else I came up with.

It's not useful yet, but I'm beginning to see where it could be after I finish sorting through the Parso stuff and start playing with UX.

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