This is not Jumpy Dog’s begging face. This is her “LOUD THINGS LOUD WHY” face. So I’m okay with her underfoot.

10:30: "logseq-query is cool. Table's wonky. I could come up with a one-liner in a few minutes.

[more than a few minutes later]

16:01: ok technically it *is* a one-liner. A EDN library might help. Should only take — uh no maybe later

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Yep really enjoying the Logseq setup these days. Real pretty and easy to find stuff and drop a quick reference section and oh no a typo

Finally occurred to me to check if maybe an app I use is in the software manager for my Linux distro and yep it is (Logseq on Pop OS).

Sure it's a flatpak but not like I'm expecting an Electron app to be a finely-tuned monster of efficiency.

Trying a couple new-to-me things: Opus Magnum and uploading a GIF with a toot.

Optimized for cost on that one.

I know folks got justifiably more pressing concerns right now, but when you got room in your brain, think about locking down your sensitive notes and communications. Not just private, but local.

Any service offered to you is a weapon that can be used against you.

My favorite part of any Electron app is `<control>-<shift>-i`

Solarized Extended is an amazing theme for Logseq right without any tweaking.

But I tweaked it anyways. Comic Neue for prose, Fantasque Sans for code, conveniences for block refs and italicized text.

Task one of the day: pour a fresh cup of coffee

Started: 8:30am

Completed: 11:15am

Next up: laundry.

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Looking at my implementation for this ticket. I think I’m gonna need to tap the sign.

Oh sure, end the meeting just as I remember I have a stim nearby.

uh oops guess i enjoyed trying out planet crafter this evening

Okay. Added some relevant metadata, linking imported Taskwarrior task dates to the relevant Logseq journal entry.

The graph shows a different distinction now, between the very large "coping with daily life" galaxy and the "learning stuff for its own sake" clouds.

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Kind of interesting to compare and contrast with importing into the Logseq graph.

Same basic clusters, but because tags are pages in Logseq — and some of those tags already existed — the task cluster doesn't look *quite* so isolated.

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Imported my Taskwarrior tasks into Obsidian. 1,983 new notes.

Animation of that graph's not based just on timestamp or it would be *hilarious*. Just "doo de doo de doo de BWOMP"

Well there’s an image for your modern dystopia nightmare collection.

(I want to figure out a Netlify toot-friendly POSSE solution but not today)

Got Org Babel playing nice with TypeScript thanks to ob-typescript. It’s a wild Saturday morning here.

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