They’re having an awful lot of fun with sharp objects. Nothing to worry about. Nope. Perfectly safe.

Better keep at a good distance just in case.

Mirror shades and middle fingers. Me being an early 90s cliché with my friend. Photo via my mom.

We interrupt today’s constitutional crisis to mention that @IamMrsGeek made an amazing dinner yet again.

Merry Christmas from ours to yours. Time to unwrap the presents!

Bacon wrapped chicken and mashed potatoes and cheesy scalloped potatoes and green stuff as a nod to politeness.

Merry Christmas to everyone who made it!

Time to wash & block the knitting. Can’t find the fancy yarn shampoo. Don’t even want to think about walking to the store for baby shampoo in this weather.

Hey maybe this will do the trick.

My smart friends: "I like that Hugo is all one executable."

My other smart friends: "I like that Eleventy is just JavaScript."

Me: I should edit my site footer so the language order matches repo stats.

`brew upgrade` insists on compiling rust and there's my CPU for the rest of the day

First of several. Unless I hit a bad update on my first try. Fingers crossed!

Communication with me is very much an asynchronous process.

You: Did you see *thing*?
Me, 2 weeks later: No! That looks cool!

(pic unrelated, but Fall is pretty)

I took a Notion class. Nifty stuff.

"Your Notion Beginner's Guide: Quick Start"

Yay I got "Hello World" working with Beeware and it only took me a few days!

Okay technically about half an hour messing with dependencies but I started the other day and didn't get back to it until now.

Back on my — still on my — anyways the bedtime symmetry is still happening slow but sure.

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Trying Tiddly Roam on TiddlyWiki now (via Tiddly Desktop).

Tiddly Tiddly Tiddly

Sounds mildly euphemistic.

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