She: "What's the name of that waltz?"

Me: "…which waltz?"

She: "The one that goes do do do do do Dun Dun Dun Dun"

Me: "…"

She: "..."

Me: "Check the soundtrack for 2001. They used it for the docking sequence. Blue Danube."


To be clear she's got a lovely voice and I knew the tune when she tried it, this was more me being amused how I untangle my collected trivia to get at useful information like the *name* of the tune.

@randomgeek had a tune in my head for years, until someone was able to tell me which one it is.
I wasn't shure to be thankful or not in the end. I think keeping some mysteries is what makes me human.

@randomgeek Love it, I've done similar weird brainDB indexer hacks. Sure beats scanning each row.

@jaywilliams Kind of a tangent, but it's part of why Notion has been challenging for me as a notes app. When you're fundamentally a chaos monkey, you need to be able to use tangential associations and accidental insight in order to remember a thing.

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