Doctor was supposed to call for phone appointment five minutes ago, having rescheduled after missing yesterday.



I'm supposed to be the one with executive dysfunction here.

But I'd be happy to send you some links.

@randomgeek I've also had a lot more doctors cancel on me lately, my cardiologist last week canceled my appointment day-of and can't reschedule until Fall. And another canceled with a few days notice and couldn't reschedule at all.

I hope it's not a trend.


@bipolaron Well you know *my* brain immediately went "Is it COVID?" but I'm way too polite to ask. That's a thing I think about though.

Lots of medical (and service) staff paying the price for (the general non-specific) us pretending COVID's over.

@randomgeek Yeah, same. Even if they aren't sick I've got to assume they're all dealing with burnout and just better at covering it up with a mask than most of us.

That's the trend I hope doesn't pan out =(

A canceled appointment here and there are no big deal, I just want my doctors to be happy and healthy too.

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