My wife inviting me to her hula classes & I dunno I feel intrusive what would I know about Hawaiian culture — traceable half of my blood’s Finland historically property of Russia or Sweden & some still say it’s not a real country fine I’ll be there Monday

@randomgeek The finns have a very deep culture and intricate language that they brought with them for a long time. Maybe more than others because of the geographical issues

@randomgeek Sorry, I hope my random comment was ok 😊

@rtn Of course! And yeah I know — well obviously not *all* about — but about as much as you'd expect a very nerdy American kid to know after getting curious about his heritage.

@randomgeek You should visit Finland. You might find yourself right at home!

@rtn I intend to eventually. That half came to the US ~100 years ago, so still some known cousins.

(the other half arrived in North America 300-15,000 years ago, depending on which of the many branches you track)

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