There is no such thing as an ex-developer. The black mark will follow you forever. It will stain your soul after you die, preventing entrance to heaven without a whiteboard interview.

@randomgeek ok, look... i revel in inky blackness...

And this was unsettling AF

@randomgeek Untrue.

First you've got to pass the automated resume scan and phone screen.

And meet the "at least three lifetimes of experience in ..." minimum requirements.

@randomgeek See, that's the difference.

In heaven, those are entrance requirements. (For developers.)

In hell, those are part of the UI/UX.

@dredmorbius Ah thanks for the correction. I was hoping to avoid either, so didn't pay close attention to the session.

@randomgeek Every bug weighs on the scales. Your heart will never be light as a feather at the gate of Osiris.

@randomgeek and the interview is about DateTime and/or Timezone objects

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