[breathes massive sigh of relief]

I've been wanting to refactor that Javascript for over a year.

[looks around]

Well time to get a new job I guess.

wow I don't get to send one of *those* emails very often.

@thegibson I mean the code's still a shitshow but I'd be willing to bet a small sum of money it's among the better shitshows in the company.

@thegibson there's bugs, features I wanted to implement, things I wish I could set in place, but that was the only bit I felt professional shame over.

And in a year and a half I have seen nothing in the org to inspire loyalty. They got all the reasonable chances — more than they deserve, but fewer than I would have given at a younger age. But chatting with the guy who's still an external contractor after 15 years? With the same agency as me? Sorry, no.

I already said yes to the better opportunity. The toot was kind of a joke and side-eye announcement. And I really did want to clean up that JS.

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