Starting to think it's physically impossible for me to use any given SSG without stapling a custom workflow onto the side of it.

@randomgeek Which is to say, AFAICT the chief advantage of SSGs is both that they permit and readily support creating custom workflows around them. And that the default workflows of all site generators (static or otherwise) sucks.

With SSGs,, you're basically back in shell-land, which means you can glue together your own custom solution, suited to your own needs, pretty trivially.

Or make it as complex as you like.

And because it's easy, it's possible, and it provides a great benefit, the capability comes to feel necessary where it's really simply an opportunity granted and made available.

Or that's my read.

@dredmorbius Agreed. I tried hard with some of the highly polished CMS's out there and the lack of flexibility chafed almost instantly.

Great for some folks but not the feature set I need.

@randomgeek Pretty much where I'm at, though I've not actually gotten to developing that workflow yet. Spent quite a bit of time thinking about it though.

I'd be interested in seeing deets on what you're doing, and some hints as to why / what didn't work / what you'd like to be smoother / more readily facilitated.

@dredmorbius well sure! The current iteration is mirrored on github <>. Main thing my dream SSG needs to account for is that I'm *always* futzing with things in ill-advised ways, and I need it to stay out of my way.

Hugo *was* good at that, but its flow has gotten ever more locked down as they aim themselves at enterprise usage. Good for them! Not me.

Eleventy's promising so far.

@dredmorbius note that Hugo's still super flexible for site organization, but narrower choices on Markdown parser, security restrictions for non-Markdown content, and they whittled down to only one template system ages back.

@dredmorbius The "site" tag shows an assortment of tricks I've tried over the years, and some include reasons.

@vortex_egg @dredmorbius thanks! There are still many missing pieces in the current iteration, but I decided the perfect's the enemy of the good etc etc so I went live last week and have been tweaking / fixing since.

@randomgeek Do you have any personal comparisons of Hugo vs Jekyll? I've been thinking of branching out to try a different framework.

@vortex_egg @dredmorbius Haven't tried Jekyll recently. Hugo vs Jekyll 2015: fastest build, flexible layout, the most cumbersome templating system I ever touched (but hey some like it), active development but features trending away from what I as a lone blogger want.

If someone wanted to explore the world of single-executable SSGs today I'd push towards Zola. Not perfect but at least the template language is nice.

@randomgeek @dredmorbius One of the things I'd like to do is create more data-driven websites that allow me to flexibly pull down data from APIs or my own scripts. Will have to investigate that.

@vortex_egg (untagging since I don't know how much dred wants to be in this conversation ^_^)

Hugo *does* support that with getRemote <>

Couple alternate paths if logic / data processing is your intended pipeline:

If you know / want to learn Julia, Franklin.jl might be worth your time as a data blogger resource <>

If you know / want to learn Emacs org mode and Hugo, ox-hugo's kinda nifty <>

Nikola supports (static) rendering of Jupyter notebooks if that's your thing. I can't vouch for quality, as I got into Jupyter after my Nikola experiment ended <>

@vortex_egg and of course you can get super-crunchy with a fancy JS Jamstack SSG like Gatsby, Gridsome, and possibly Astro if they continue polishing.

I got an Astro experiment too, but it's still a little slow to be my go-live site: quirky-wozniak-e4e36f.netlify.

@drwho @dredmorbius An excellent choice, especially with all the plugins! Last time I looked it was a bit too blog-focused for my nefarious plans, but it has kept growing since then.

@randomgeek @dredmorbius The nice thing about Pelican is, even though there are lots of plugins you don't need very many of them.

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