Why mess with getopt when I can just use multi-dispatch?

My Raku script for Journaling in Joplin

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@randomgeek That article is fantastic. It's nice to see #Rakulang getting some much deserved exposure.

@profoundlynerdy Thanks! Folks have been tirelessly polishing Raku to the point where I can comfortably use it as a glue language. If I didn't hint strongly enough in the article, it's not acting as its own bottleneck for those tasks anymore.

@randomgeek I think #Rakulang has a bright future. It's a fantastic glue language, that also happens to be elegant.

Where do you see Raku gaining the most traction in the marketplace over the next few years?

@profoundlynerdy I honestly have no idea. I've never had a knack for that kind of prediction.

I see it getting stuck in people's heads like a catchy tune, and sneaking it in for tasks that are too low profile to have been assigned an official company language.

@randomgeek I think it's going to grow for a lot of reasons, but you might be right about the "catchy tune" effect. Good analogy.

I think it's going to be able to ride the Functional Programming wave, at least partially. Raku has a lot of FP-like features. Further, it takes full advantage of SMP CPU's in a way that's wonderfully intuitive. So, there is that.

Also, as others have pointed out, there is the "fun factor" the language has somehow captured. I can't put my finger on it, but it's a real thing.

@profoundlynerdy The fun factor can't be underestimated, that's for sure. It makes an otherwise general purpose language stand out.

As more folks decide it's fun, they pick it for more personal projects and that gives a foundation of useful libraries for dull old work stuff.

@profoundlynerdy Honestly that's why when I write about Raku it tends to be "look at this one cool trick." Keep everything else as accessible as I can, rather than overwhelming folks with features and syntax.

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