hey gang i booted into linux and paired my bluetooth headset right away and it sounded good and after i fainted from shock and got back up it was still working


Yeah, bluez/pulse works pretty well, surprisingly, as does bluez/networkmanager

@randomgeek Which headset are you using? My Bluetooth speaker and noise cancelling headphones do not pair at all.

@vertigo Titanium Aftershokz, but I've had these for a bit so I think the new Bluetooth adapter had more to do with it.

@esi @randomgeek It is "the year of the linux desktop" any time you feel like you no longer want to punish yourself with Windows. I don't mind the masochists remaining on Windows. (Their reduced productivity is their own responsibility.)

@isobel @esi yes we in the FOSS world much prefer to inflict our pain and productivity drags on ourselves rather than let a domain expert handle it.

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