Couple hours debugging and futzing around with a very confused headless Chrome in WSL, because I had set `$DISPLAY` in my shell init but hadn't yet installed an X server.

@randomgeek I had a similar issue once! I had installed X, but a certain variable isn't set in WSL and it took me ages to find that exact issue when trying to forward X from my Rasberry Pi to PC

@Canageek It's always the little things.

Except when it's the really big things, of course.

@randomgeek @Canageek Yeah, but even that can be a little annoying.

I'll show myself out now.


Thank goodness 'ssh -X' more or less fixes things up when I need to ssh into my linux machine at work from home.


@sohkamyung @randomgeek That was what wasn't working XD. It was just one line I needed to change in a config file though.

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