Watching "Building Alternative Networks for Fun and Resistance" — like, make your own ISP kinda stuff — on

aand I'll just stay on the stream for that @SeaGL track because "Data Liberation: Open Source Observability" is next and that's highly relevant to my interests.

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@randomgeek @SeaGL I'm disappointed. I thought this was going to be about liberating data being hidden behind curtains of BS pseudo-IP. 😭​ Oh well.

@randomgeek How was it? Are they posting video/slides later?

@tool_man I thought it was okay. Pretty high level overview, but plenty of links out to other resources.

No video or slides yet, but hopefully something will pop up on that page. The "yet" in "No video of the event yet, sorry!" gives me hope.

@randomgeek Right, the summary suggested it would be high-level.

I personally work for a telecom company, but also live in an area with sporadic cell and land line service. So, while I have acceptable options, the idea of a mesh is also quite interesting, along with store and forward systems for messaging.

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