Not for the first and certainly not for the last time, I find myself wishing Python had actual types rather than a handful of external libraries providing polite suggestions if you run them.

Heck even Perl can tell the difference between "a thing" and "some things" out of the box.

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@randomgeek But can it tell if a box is a thing or just a container?

@Mnemonic Well yeah. When it gets to references, Perl assumes you know what you're doing and waits until runtime.

Wanting to play enough with Raku that I can see whether it gets that better. I do know I need to lean on references less in Raku, since the existing types provide the utility I need.

Hmmm, I have Raku on a list with the comment: to get into Perl 🧐​

@lordbowlich Indeed! I've been itching to play with the newer iterations of PHP but other shiny things keep distracting me.

@veer66 Python is good & I enjoy each version more, but my most common errors don't get caught until run-time because of how Python handles code.

Mypy catches them, but using it is a separate step. Mainly I wish Mypy functionality was built-in.

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