java feels like if the sunk cost fallacy was a programming language

@randomgeek I misread that as "skunk cost fallacy" and it completely changed the meaning.

Java: Trivial Pursuit: Programming Language Edition

@randomgeek "I just finished 'Hello World' in Java and now I must spend the rest of my life sighing into the void".

No idea what "sunk cost fallacy" is, but I've been writing Java for most of my life and it's okay. The thing I'm posting this comment through is also written in Java.

@grishka @randomgeek Wonderfully, I have no idea if you're being deliberately ironic 😆

@grishka @cathal the sunk cost fallacy is basically "we've been doing this for so long, and put so much effort/money into it, that we might as well keep doing it."

My favorite language is Perl, so I'm in no position to judge someone's code decisions too harshly.

I'd say this was very true until java 8, but since then they really have been pushing to evolve it into a modern language. It is still pretty conservative though, but I think that is ok. Its niche is to be the stable reference language for the JVM, and other languages like kotlin, Scala and closure fill the need for more modern or less OOP languages.
@grishka @cathal

@krinkle @randomgeek @noelle MultiButtSupporter is a subclass of ButtSupporter and implements protocol LostChangeConsumerDelegate

@randomgeek Objects were a mistake.

What is your take on Javascript, if I may ask?

@ddr I think Smalltalk got objects right. And LISP, with the meta-object protocol.

I want to like JavaScript, especially w/improvements of the last 5-ish years. I prefer object prototyping to classes.

But it stole the wrong bits from Perl. `1 + "11" = `"111"` but not string operators to disambiguate, and why the heck did they skip `/x`?

@randomgeek I didn't know! …

I've been hesitant to fully commit to the Smalltalk model, just because I've found debugging across async boundaries difficult. So I haven't tried it! I can see I should, if only as an educational endeavor now.

I know Javascript stole its Date object from Java, but since Java replaced it with something much better soon after that was another case if stealing the wrong thing. JS is truly the worst pirate I've heard of. 😅

(Aside: Darn good reply. Thank you.)

@ddr one of my impossible-due-to-time-constraints dreams is to sit in front of Pharo Smalltalk, *really* get the hang of it, and make an Emacs clone out of it. I mean it's halfway there already.

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