Enjoyed installing my own library from CPAN and using it.

(The color is just me having some fun by adding Term::ANSIColor to Mojo::Log's format)


[takes slow drag off scratched-up vape]

[low battery alert]


I haven't heard that name in years.

Yes! Wait! What? What context do you know me as webfiend from? Over on G+ I think I was always Random Geek or Brian Wisti.

@fleegman Sweet! Like you said, been a while. Sort of. Is there face blindness but for online names?

@fleegman Oh just that I either hadn't made or had forgotten the connection between the different handles.

@randomgeek don't worry, you'll soon get to do it again when the marvelous CPANTesters tell you what you've done wrong :-) I don't think I've gotten one right on the first try yet.

@AFresh1 oh that happened within ten minutes of the 0.03 upload. Fixed and ended up making it actually useful for my projects because of that!

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