So weird at the grocery store today. Everybody staying six feet away from each other, trying to avoid conversation or breathing at you or looking at you.

Yes I know that's Seattle's rep. But it's usually just a thing we do for tourists & visitors (anyone lived here < 20 years)


No but there was tape on the floor in the checkout line showing spots where we could stand.

And the crowd was light enough that it wasn't a problem.

Weird, but not a problem.

Somebody had to pass the forbidden zone to get in the store and looked absolutely mortified and humiliated to be only five feet away from another human, muttering apologies as they rushed past.

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@randomgeek Just waiting for people to gamify this via an app: gain points for staying the correct distance, lost points for breaking the rules.

Points can be converted into vouchers at the end of the day.


@randomgeek i dissociated sunday at the store, so calm and quiet at 5:30pm on a weekend. not like a usual sunday, and not like the first couple weeks before either.

@rabcyr yeah I think I experienced extremely mild dissociation.

@randomgeek i had just tweeted the night before that i hadn’t in all of this

@rabcyr In my own environment I feel more comfortably normal than usual. Fewer social expectations means less constant brain work.

Out there? Everybody else is acting like me, and that freaks me out.

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