I'm more than a little envious of anybody who has sufficient budget padding to volunteer a couple weeks to several months to help the "U.S. Digital Response for COVID-19" but if you actually did so I'd swallow some of that crankiness.

course i know plenty of folks who'd be reluctant to help the government buy a roll of toilet paper and i respect that too

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@randomgeek I've been contemplating... not necessarily this, but whether it would be worth while at some juncture to burn vacation time for community/mutual support related work.

I imagine, if I burnt all of my leave so I could instead do my dayjob, but for the fed, would probably result in me being burnt out by the end of the year though.

@lordbowlich Honestly there are always small non-profits being just as swamped who could use the help just as much, and helping them out would feel a lot less like doing your day job for free.

Of course, volunteer in a non-technical capacity first. That way you can see how to improve the work they actually do.

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