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Got Married Yesterday

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@randomgeek I know it wasn't your preferred situation, but it is still a lovely story. Congrats again!

@cstanhope It certainly wasn't the situation we planned, but it was perfect for its own reasons.

@randomgeek Very cool. And from another person who had a very small wedding (5 people, that's counting the married couple), congrats!

@randomgeek Congratulations! (Hitting the fave wasn't good enough.)

@randomgeek Congratulations! How was the wedding?

Did you mean the 20th? My wife and I got married on the 20th in 2017 👰 🤵

@RyuKurisu happy anniversary to you! But no our wedding was yesterday, the 19th.

@randomgeek thanks, but in my timezone it's already the 21st. But it's just 6:15 am, so I'm just waking up because our little boy is up as well 😊

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